One bottle per family is the secret to safety and security in case of emergency.

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Product Overview


 One bottle per family is the secret to safety and security in case of emergency.

Fighter Little Fier PG 01



In case of emergency, just throw it on a fire !


Grab and throw it !  For initial fire extingushing !

To prevent the spread !  To secure evacuation route !


 Attention: This product is not harmful to the human body.

                               ingredients of the extinguishing liqid are made from food additives and don't substances

                           harmful to the human body.

                       No need to have any maintenances or check ups.

                           Little Fire Fighter doesn't need to have any maintenance or check ups since there is no

                           machine or metal moiety.



Over 1 million bottles shipments !



Three features a "little fire fighter" is selected !

1. Everybody: Everybody can use it.

                       Easy to use for elderly and kids.

                       Without taking the lid off, just throw it on a fire.

Little Fire Fighter throw

2. Approval:Exclusively approved by Fire Department in Japan.

3. Pioneer: Pioneer of simple fire extinguisher.


Please contact us if you would like a PDF catalogue.


Great for places like this!

In the hotel room!

In the factory!

On the upper floors of the building!

in school


In the car!


At home!


Little fire Fighter is good for effective initial fire fighting,

It works directly into the combustion mechanism.

Mechanism of fire fighting

Little fire fighter solution scatters into fire and is thermally decomposed by chemical reaction.

Little Fire Fighter contains ammonium chloride, Potassium carbonate, ammonium secondary phosphate, and sodium bicarbonate in high concentration aqueous solution.


Little fire Fighter shut out the three requirements of combustion !

Little Fire Fighter changes to a fire extinguish gas multiplying in volume more than 5000times by thermolysis during a fire !

The fire extiguishing gas absorbs heat and insulates oxygen creating a strong fire extinguish effect.


Product Effects


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Normally, orders are accepted in container units or in 1000 cases or more.
We have prepared a trial set (1c/s :12pc usd720) this time.
Please use it by all means.




Points to note when selling : Principle 1 country 1 company in charge.

                                                   The following countries are excluded.
                                                   China, Taiwan, South Korea, Middle East, Singapore,

                                                   Please contact us for the latest status.


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