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 Titanium stabilized at room temperature in air; because titanium has a low density, high strength, density is only half the strength of steel and steel and similar, high temperature and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent characteristics of titanium alloy strength is higher than steel. Titanium has a "space metal" known in the -253 ℃ ~ 500 ℃ such a wide temperature range can maintain high strength and mechanical properties unchanged. Titanium is also known as "pro-biotic metal." Bone loss in place with titanium and titanium splint bone nail is good, a few months, the president of the bones on the titanium and titanium jaw bone screw thread, the new muscle will be wrapped in titanium plywood, this " titanium bone "as really the same bones, or even with an artificial bone made of titanium instead of bone fracture treatment.

Name:titanium sheet scrap

Brand: TA1, TA2, TC4, ta9, TA10, GR1, Gr2, GR5, GR7, Gr12

Routine: T 0.5-1.0mm x W1000mm x l 2000-3500mm

                T 1.0-5.0mm x W1000-1500mm x L 2000-3500mm

                T 5.0- 30mm x W1000-2500mm x L 3000-6000mm

                T 30- 80mm x W1000mm x L 2000mm

Status: hot working (R) cold working (y) annealing (m)

Process: hot forging, hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, pickling

Application: metallurgy, electronics, medical treatment, chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, aerospace, etc

Standards: GB / 3621-20010, GB / t13810-2007


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Port : Durban Port
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