Genuine Quality And Affordable WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY -48/50/52/54/SNOW WHITE 54/YELLOW MADE IN INDIA

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Product Overview


Product Description

White Petroleum Jelly are manufactured from blends of waxes & pure oils. Because of its purity it is widely used as base for Ointments, Salves, Veterinary and Cosmetics applications. It is also used extensively in Food Processing, Plastics, Rubber, Tobacco, Paper and Rope Industries.



Product or Trade Name


White Petroleum Jelly BP.

Product Class


Product Code No.


Chemical Name

Mixture of Wax & purified oils.

FEMA No.- ------

CAS No.-8009-03-08

Formula: Mix. of Hydrocarbons


Odour, Appearance, Physical State

Almost odorless, white / yellow & semi- solid mass.


Boiling Point


Above 200°C.


Melting Point


38 to 60 deg.C.


Specific Gravity / Density


0.80 – 0.90


Solubility in Water




Vapour Pressure




Vapour Density





Flash Point:     ABOVE 200°C.



Method Used: COC


OSHA Classification: N.A.


Extinguishing media:


Water / Fog CO2 Foam Dry Chem


DOT Hazard Classification: N.A.


Unusual fire and explosive hazards:


None (Not Flammable), but will burn at


high temperature.


Special firefighting procedures:


Ventilate contaminated area. Eliminate all sources of ignition or flammable that may come in contact with spilled




Hazardous combustible or Decomposition products:


Prolonged & repeated contact with the


material produce skin irritation & no decomposition.




Stable at room temp.


Hazardous polymerization products




Condition to avoid


Extreme heat / sunlight.


Materials to avoid


Open flames and ignition sources.



Packaging & Shipping

Barrels, ISO Tanks, Flexibags, IBC, HDPE Drums

Company Information


Markskill is set up in USA having 3 decades of experience and dynamically involved in manufacturing,distributing,import and export of a variety of pharmaceutical AND Chemical products; trading into quality products ranging from formulations, bulk drugs, intermediaries, food colors,dyes & pigments. Markskill, is the unique preferred representative of standard manufacturers of various products.


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