Polypropylene Ground Workshop 1420*920*1000 mm OPP 7.0-500 (2 liters/sec) Grease Trap For Restaurants / Food Industries

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Product Description

Industrial (shop) grease trap, for installation in technical rooms of cosmetic, dairy, meat and other food industries. It is used in large catering enterprises, or in food production, to prepare wastewater for discharge into the city sewer network. It is recommended to install it in technical rooms. Cleaning can be carried out both manually and with an ilosos. The maximum capacity is 2 liters per second.
It is made of high-quality Czech polypropylene with UV stabilization. The body of the grease trap along the perimeter is reinforced with profile pipes. Additional stiffeners are provided along the upper inner perimeter. The housing of exceptional strength allows for underground installation, but it is recommended for internal installation.
The service life of the equipment is more than 25 years. No maintenance is required, except for periodic cleaning of the grease trap.
With properly selected performance, it is necessary to clean such fat traps no more than once every 3-6 months, and when using specialized biological products-no more than once a year.


Separation plates - 2
Connection pipe (socket) - 2
Sealed lid with industrial seal (manufactured in the EU)
Stiffeners - steel profile pipes along the perimeter

Additional equipment for shop grease traps (optional):

Fat products level sensor with notification unit
Silt level sensor with notification unit
Overflow sensor with notification unit
K - transition cast iron-NPVC (PP, PE)

The equipment is certified in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The quality control system is certified according to GOST ISO 9001-2011
The warranty is 5 years.


Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm
Capacity, m3/h
Peak discharge, L
Volume, L
Diameter of the pipes
110 / 160
Entrance height (centered)
Exit height (centered)
Non-standard design

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Company Profile

"Ecoseti" LLC - is a manufacturer of sewage treatment equipment. We produce oil and sand catchers, sorption filters for gas stations, shopping centers and car washes. We offer a range of grease traps for public catering facilities: from small traps that is beneath your sink to industrial ones. Since last year we've been successfully manufacturing aeration and sewage stations, septic tanks for private households, which purify up to 95%. We also produce plastic swimming pools, fully equipped cellars, tanks for storing liquids and caissons.

The production of equipment began in 2014. Over the years we have been able to gain a reputation not only as a reliable supplier of plastic products, but also as a qualified manufacturer. Therefore, we carefully monitor both the process of goods production and test samples in our own laboratory, but also guarantee the high quality of raw materials because we have been cooperating only with reliable suppliers for years.

Eco-networks. Manufacturer of grease traps, septic tanks, plastic products

The production base of the Ecoset company is located in the city of Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic at the address: 75 Grazhdanskaya str – it is a modern and technological extrusion equipment, processing machines (cutting, welding, extrusion), as well as production including:
- extrusion welding site;
- heat treatment site;
- more than 5 assembly sites;
- storage facilities;
- the laboratory.

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