Mihaba, Isa pattern, Pine tree

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Mihaba, Isa pattern, Pine tree


The chrysanthemum pattern has been used since ancient times as a flower to wish for "long life" during the Japanese traditional Chou-you Festival. s-isamatsu-2.jpg




Isa pattern series

This is the first double-side dyed furoshiki in Japan, jointly developed by the manufacturer (Musubi) and the Isa Bunsho Institute, which creates innovative and delicate patterns using the traditional katagami technique. The motif of this product is the pine tree, which has been popular as a symbol of longevity because it can live for a hundred years. With patterns each of which has its own meaning, the product is sought for as a gift for a wide range of occasions. It is perfect to be used as an eco-bag, a return gift, or a gift.


What is the Isa pattern?

The Isa Pattern Research Institute (founded by Kunio Isa) has created numerous patterns and designs since 1945s. While using the traditional technique of katagami dyeing, the innovative and delicate patterns are still full of new discoveries and charms that attract people's hearts even today after 50 years. The institute has preserved more than 3,000 kakishibu stencils, and the number of stencils is still growing as the creative process continues unabated. In order to preserve katagami dyeing and its patterns that have existed in Japan since ancient times for the next generation, we are promoting the use of patterns in various fields while preserving the traditional techniques.



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