IceBattery(R)fresh, good quality sleep item

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Want a quicker cool down?
Deeper, more restful sleep?
Use these cooling packs to realize your wish!

Try a new approach of "cooling your palms" to cool your body down to a RealFeel temperature of 15°C!
IceBattery®fresh is created by Matsuura Industry Co.,Ltd. based on IceBattery(R), a temperature-memorizing refrigerant developed by ITE Co..
IceBattery®fresh was born in 2019 with the cooperation of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Osaka.
It has been improved into a palm and pocket-sized icing pack to prevent heat stroke, especially to support students who are involved in sports club activities.
This is a made-in-Japan sleep support and cooling product proudly manufactured by small and medium-sized Japanese manufacturing companies.
From material selection to design and manufacturing, all processes are done in town factories in Osaka and Kyoto.
IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0072.JPG Provides long-lasting crisp coldness.
The "IceBattery(R) fresh" can cool your body in the daytime at work or outside in the field to prevent heat exhaustion.
At night, by holding it in the palm of your hand, you can lower the temperature of your entire body to support a cool and comfortable sleep.
The optimal RealFeel temperature for efficiently lowering body temperature is around 15°C.
IceBattery® fresh can maintain the temperature for approx.
1 to 2 hours even in an ambient temperature of 35°C (may vary depending on usage environment).
The product maintains long-lasting, crisp coldness at a constant temperature of 15°C.
Applying it to your face, body, and hands when they get hot at the work site not only helps prevent heat exhaustion, but also has a refreshing effect, which is sure to improve your work efficiency!
IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0070.JPG How to use
Chill in the freezer for at least 10 hours with the blue cover on.
Apply the blue cover directly to the palm of your hand or your neck.
The side with the white logo is insulated and has a more moderate cooling sensation.
If it feels too cold, please wrap a towel around it.
It is recommended to use the product at an outside temperature of 25°C or higher.
The product can be used repeatedly.
After use, wash with neutral detergent and wipe with a tightly wrung cloth to keep it clean.
When carrying around, place it in a cool bag to keep its cold temperature longer.
IMG_0065.JPG IMG_0066.JPG Palm cooling portable icing pack A palm-sized portable icing pack that can be used as a precautions against heat stroke, refreshing, improving concentration, and supporting a good sleep.
RealFeel temperature under an ambient temperature of approx.35°C: Approx.15°C front/back (approx.20°C on the front side and approx.10°C on the back side) that lasts for approx.1-2 hours. (Varies depending on the environment)
The product can be used for cooling down the body when playing sports.
If you held the IceBattery®fresh in the palm of your hand when you go to bed, the appropriate temperature (15°C) would cool your body inviting to a good night's sleep.

Product specifications
Approximate cooling time: 10 hours or longer at -18 ° C or lower
RealFeel temperature: Approx. 15 ° C (20 ° C on the front, 10 ° C on the back)
Approximate cold insulation time: 1 to 2 hours (under the outside temperature of 35 ° C)
Color: Blue and White
Size :. 155 x 105 x25 (mm)
Refrigerant Weight 180 (g)
Outer Material Polyurethane
Interior Refrigerant
Container Polyethylene, Mina Mat Insulation
Component: Water, Sodium Chloride, Gelator Cooling Temperature (Cooling Temperature (° C): To fully freeze to the core, place it in a household freezer (-18 ° C or lower) for more than 10 hours. < br> Real Feel Temperature: Approx. 15 ° C (20 ° C on the front, 10 ° C on the back)
Cold insulation time: 1-2 hours (Under the outside temperature of 35 ° C)
Country of origin: Japan
- Do not cool the same part of the body continuously for a long period of time.
- Do not use it to cool inflamed areas such as burns or sunburn.
- Do not pierce or scratch it with sharp objects. The coolant may leak out.
- If any of the coolant gets into your eyes, rinse with tap water and consult a doctor.
- If the coolant gets on your skin or clothing, wash it off immediately.
- The coolant is inedible.
- In case of accidental ingestion, rinse mouth out with tap water.
- Monitor your condition and consult your doctor if you have any concerns.
- Keep out of the reach of infants, people who cannot identify the product, and pets.
- Do not use it to cool or keep food cool.
- Do not heat it up or put it in the microwave.
- The standard usage period is one year (not guaranteed).
- If the product is damaged or cannot be frozen, please stop using it.
- When not in use, store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
- When disposing of the product, please follow the instructions of your local government.

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