Well Process White Maize for Animal Consumption

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White Corn


White corn is a grain crop that belongs to the Gramineae grass family. It is one of the varieties of sweet corn that is grown in different parts of the world. It is not only a grain but also considered as a vegetable and a fruit. It is considered grain as it is a dry seed of a species of grass; it is a vegetable when it is harvested before maturity; it is a fruit as per botanical definition as it is the seed-bearing part of a flowering plant. Its white color is due to the presence of two recessive Y alleles.


CMS INDUSTRIES's  grown white corn contains plenty of sugar and water in its kernels making it sweet and juicy. As the corn matures, the water content decreases and the sugar changes into starch which hardens the kernels. White corn can be grown in any season as it can survive in a variety of weather conditions. We provide customized packing and printing options. We only entertain export enquires.





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CMS INDUSTRIES is the leading exporter and supplier of an assortment of Agricultural products in India. India is one of the largest Agriculture Markets around the World, which is why we exist to pivot the farmers from all over the country. CMS INDUSTRIES is located in Kachchh, Gujarat, established in 2001. We are known for our quality and higher nutrition-content supplies of our diverse range of products that includes Indian Spices, Grains, Animal Feed, Herbs, Pulses and wide range of seeds. Our journey since the commencement has been growing in leaps and establishing itself in the renowned Global market as an accountable and sustainable International supplier.


All moderate supply chain stages are secured by CMS INDUSTRIES and our associated networks. CMS INDUSTRIES Agricultural Exports brings our customers over 20 years of skill and expert assistance in meeting the agricultural needs of nearby networks and associations all through the globe. Our relationship with farm cooperatives, horticultural schools, agricultural colleges, and other partners helps us serve our clients efficiently and effectively.


Clients rely on our expertise and skill to trade Indian Spices, Grains, Animal Feed, Herbs, Pulses and wide range of seeds. We assist our clients through the beginning of selection until the delivery of goods with our value-based customer support system. We have our agreement cultivating based on contract farming; hectares of lands are traditionally as well as scientifically developed from where we source a wide range of our Agro products. Our unwavering focus and commitment towards delivering benchmark quality products has made us one of the recognized export houses in India. CMS INDUSTRIES invests wholeheartedly in giving top-notch Agricultural products at competitive and honest pricing to clients around the globe.


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 We comprehend that it is our prime responsibility to share and pack the products in the most hygienic conditions. Being the promising export house, we have established an innovative and massive foundation of our infrastructure and cost-effective warehousing systems.


To be Asia’s most customer-centric company, where customers can select and buy premium Agro commodities.We strive to offer our customers the superior Agro commodities at the lowest possible prices with the utmost convenience.

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 Being quality conscious export house, all our produce from associated cultivators are firmly monitored at various stages till bundling and packaging, the product can be tested in recognized quality assurance laboratories as per the client's need. We ensure this by involving various experts with an expertise in specialized products. We also ensure to adapt to the required guidelines with our Global partners to live up to our quality standard.

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