Organic Plant Based Fertilizer BoostaMAX 1 Non-Toxic Booster for Tea Plant Growth

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Product Overview


Product Description

Rapid Foliar Yield Booster Formulated with PhotoXcel™ Technology Stimulate Production for Better Vegetation
BoostaMAX™ 1 is the next-level technology of foliar booster for vigorous vegetative growth in all crops and tillering in grains. It is an ORGANIC plant-based foliar fertiliser that is formulated with PhotoXcel™ technology utilizing Activated Organic macro and micro-nutrients, advanced catalyst nano-biotechnology and non-ionic adhesives for effective nutrient absorption. This foliar fertiliser is an economic and effective foliar fertiliser, as the complete nutrients and plant growth regulators are absorbed rapidly through the leaf cell walls and into the plant for immediate use and general nutrients needs during plant vegetative growth phase. Unlike other foliar products, it is natural and non-toxic to the plant.

Product Highlights
1) Promotes the germination of seeds.
2) Enhance satisfactory dark green foliage.
3) Better photosynthesis activity.
4) Organic plant-based ingredients.
5) Enhance vegetative components(tiller number & plant height).

This product is suitable for
1) All types of grains (rice, wheat, etc)
2) All types of vegetables
3) All types of fruits
4) All types of tubers

Tea - When to use?
General recommendation - Year 1 & above; every month.
Please send us a message for specific recommendation.

Product Details

Product Type
Foliar Fertiliser
Bottle Size
7.8cm (width) x 23.2 cm (height)
Shelf Life
2 years

1) Corn leaves will be greener, wider & healthy.
2) Complete nutrients will beneficial microorganisms & bio-stimulants
3) Uniform growth
Spray foliar fertiliser on and underside of the leaves
Organic plant-based ingredients, beneficial microbe & spray type fertiliser

Product Line

New Age Technology – A complete and holistic approach to planting.
For a complete and holistic approach to planting, we recommend using different products at each stage as different stages require different needs.

Stage 1(Soil Preparation Stage): Use SAVIGO® to repair soil in terms of the physical, chemical and biological
properties. Broadcast twice a year

Stage 2 (Vegetative Stage): Spray BoostaMAX™ 1 with complete nutrients and growth regulator for vigorous on Year 1 & above; every month.


2016 - 2018
2016 - SOBA Most Promising Award
2017 - SOBA Best Innovation Award (Silver)
2018 - SOBA Top of Class Recognition

SOBA - The Star Outstanding Business Awards

2019 - 2020
2019 - SOBA Best Innovation Award (Platinum) 2020 - SOBA Best Innovation Award (Gold)
2020 - IIA Most Impactful Agricultural Innovation on Global Food Assurance

SOBA - The Star Outstanding Business Awards
IIA - International Innovation Awards

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We're looking for distributors in all parts of the world especially Asia & Africa.

Company Profile

About Us
Advantz International Sdn Bhd is a marketer and distributor of nutrients supply technology products for healthier cash crop growth based in Malaysia. As soil and yield expert, our products are integrated with the most advanced agriculture technologies known as "New Age Technology". This technology utilises organic plant-based ingredients which are sustainable to the environment. We're leading the future of better agriculture with our iconic New Age Technology brands such as BoostaMAX™ 1 (foliar fertiliser to stimulate growth), BoostaMAX™ 2 (foliar fertiliser to boost yield) and SAVIGO® (Bio-Soil Reviver). We are currently operating in Malaysia and Indonesia and expanding to other countries in Southeast Asia.

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