Улучшает уровень холестерина и сахара в крови

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Brand Name
Place of Origin
Nutritional Facts(per 4 capsules 1,332g estimate)
Salt Equivalent
Euglena Gracilis (Made in Japan)
Sesame extract
Fermented soybean embryo extract
Calcium stearate
Fine-grain silicon dioxide

01 Paramylum

Paramylum ,a type ob beta-glucan that exists only in Eunglena, is thought to offer many benefits, including detoxification, cancer fighting properties, the reduction of side-effects brought by medication and anti-bacterial properties that prevent infections.

1. The continuous intake of Euglena raises the level of BDNF in the blood, a protein essential for the increase of brain cells.This can be expected to improve cognitive function and exercise speed.
2. We can expect to suppress the rise in blood sugar level.
3. It has been clarified that the concentration of AST and ALT in the blood decreases, and the activity of active oxygen degrading enzyme becomes less likely to decrease. And it can be expected to reduce the damage to the liver.

4. It can be expected to improve LDL cholesterol level.
5. It can be expected the effect of improving constipation.
6. Helps improve nutritional balance for children.
7. It can be expected to relieve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

8. It can be expected to raise immunity.
9. Improve the intestinal environment by improving the balance of intestinal bacteria.
10. It can expected relief of gastric ulcer symptoms.
11. It can be expected to alleviate the flu symptoms.
12. It can be expected to alleviate rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
13. It can be expected to suppress hypertension.

For the content (products) that we offer, all processes from production to packaging are performed in Japan. In addition, all processes involving manufacturing are carried out end-to-end to maintain high quality. All products that we offer have achieved have a record of sales performance in Japan.

Rather than chasing trends and engaging in on-and-off product development in the pursuit of short-term profits, our aim is to earn and accumulate support from long-term customers with the aim of creating longer-term, stable, positive relations. As an example of the concrete benefits that come from this, cross-selling becomes easier and the unit consumption price per customer increases.
We always create products with an awareness of being appreciated by (i.e., contributing to ) our customers, business partners, and society as a whole.

With only about 10 employees, we have achieved sales of approximately 600 million yen and a high profit margin. This is not simply a result of cost-cutting, but rather of a customer-first way of thinking based on the rationality of not spending money on advertising, packaging, and shipping methods, and instead applying those amounts to quality improvement. As such, our corporate philosophy, which extends its awareness to even the global environment, leads inevitably to economic merits and social evaluation.

JADMA certification is a company that complies with laws and regulations related to mail order, such as Specified Commercial Transactions Law, Freebie Labeling Law, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law, Health Promotion Law, Personal Information Protection Law, etc. It also proves that we are a company that displays trusted advertising from the consumer's perspective. 

At 60th Grammy Awards
Our supplements were selected official products of Grammy Award Gift Lounge.
It was the first Japanese corporation to be selected.
◆Especially, Euglena is attracting attention in Japanese medias.
Broaden by Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, TV Asahi Corp. and so on.

We deliver items in a cardboard box with absorbing tools about 1 week from your order. However, it may takes about 50 days in case your order is over 500 pieces.

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