Factory Direct Sale Best Gin 2021 The Duke Munich Dry Gin Miniature Gift Set 3 x 10cl

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In the autumn of 2017, our THE DUKE Gin family increased in size. The juniper hero THE DUKE Rough Gin and the flowery fruity THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin joined the THE DUKE Family – three siblings who couldn’t be more different.

THE DUKE’s gin trio is now available as a miniature set in two sizes – the perfect gift for the curious who are just exploring the world of gin, but also for experienced gin lovers who want to see the three creations for themselves.

THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin
Our original recipe from 2008 contains 13 ingredients from purely organic cultivation. In addition to juniper berries there are coriander seeds, lemon peel, orange blossoms and nine other herbs and spices. Hop blossoms and barley malt round off the taste of the gin and provide the genuine Bavarian touch.

THE DUKE Rough Gin
THE DUKE Rough Gin is a real juniper hero! It contains only five natural ingredients. This gives the Gin it’s strong juniper taste. As a supporting actor, a little coriander makes its appearance and the orange peel, which has already proved to be an excellent garnish for THE DUKE & Tonic, provides a wonderful freshness. Our two Bavarian classics hop blossom and malt round off the rough gin in the usual mild manner.

THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin
THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin is aimed at hikers and those who love their homeland. It combines herbs and spices from the wonderful foothills of the Bavarian Alps. In addition to classics such as juniper and coriander, several noble blossoms give the gin a gentle honey aroma. Included are edelweiss, cornflower, arnica, rose blossom and poppy. The raspberry bushes that were found along the way provide the recognizable fruity touch. And no rule without exception: the cocoa bean, which has come from far away, provides the Gin with a full-bodied aroma. Hops and malt round off THE DUKE – WANDERLUST Gin in the usual mild way.

Alcohol content: 45% vol/42%vol/47%vol
Contents/bottle: 10cl



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