Used rails/ iron scrap 99% for sale

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We engage in metal materials, metal products, steel products, i.e. ferrosilicon, titinium
iron, silicon ferrozirconium, ferrovanadium, ferrowolfranium, mg-ferrosilicon-rare-earth
alloy, ferromolybdenum, ferrochroniumproducts, ferromanganese products; non-ferro metal
products, i.e. stibium ingot, silicon-calcium, siliconmanganese, zinc-alum alloy, zinc
ingot, lead ingot, chrome powder, magnesium ingot, aluminium ingot/ coil/ can/ scrap,
copper ingot/wire/ sheet/ scrap, Plastic and Polymer Scrap, Plastic Raw Material Granules,
Rubber Scrap, Paper Scrap, etc.

Chemical Composition:
C:0.06 - 0.082%
Mn:0.75 - 1.05%
SI:0.13 - 0.28%
P: Max 0.035%
S: Max 0.045%
Ar: Max 0.15%


ISRI 252

Cupola cast. Clean cast iron scrap such as columns, pipes, plates, and castings of a miscellaneous nature, including automobile blocks and cast iron parts of agricultural and other machinery. Free from stove plate, burnt iron, brake shoes or foreign material. Cupola size, not over 24 inches x 30 inches, and no piece over 150 pounds in weight.


ISRI 257

Mixed cast. May include all grades of cast iron except burnt iron. Dimensions not over 24 inches x 30 inches and no piece over 150 pounds in weight.




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