Bigfish China Factory DNA Gel Document Imaging System for Laboratory

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Product Overview


Products Description

Advanced CCD camera
Using the original German imported 16-digit digital CCD camera with high expression and high resolution, low noise and high dynamic range, it can detect DNA/RNA stained with less than 5pg EB, and can identify very close bands and bands with very weak fluorescence intensity.

High transparent digital quantization lens
F/1.2 wide range of zoom capabilities allows for more precise and detailed analysis of specific target areas, providing sharper image quality. Unique lens digital quantization function makes zoom out and aperture size to be adjusted digitally, greatly improve the operating experience, to avoid human error.

Automatic focus
The system has the automatic focusing function, avoids the human error

Camera Obscura
UV SMARTTM no shadow
ultra-thin UV transmission table
No damage LED blue/white
sample stand
The cabinet panel is formed by the
polymer NM environmental material  through the mold once, and the chassis is made of stainless steel once, which ensures the consistency and reliability of the cabinet while ensuring light tightness.
No light shadow design, brightness and
uniformity is much better than the
traditional UV transmission table, with a
patented gel cutting protection device,
protect the body from UV damage.
Advanced LED blue light beads, safe and environmentally friendly, no damage to nucleic acid fragments, long-term energy saving and environ-mental protection. LED white cold light source, toughened glass surface, anti-corrosion and anti-scratch, durable. Magnetic thimble interface, touch control of UV intensity, bring excellent operating experience.

Gel Imaging System
German imported CCD camera
Effective pixels
5 Mega,2592×1944
Pixel density
16bit(65536 gray-scale)
Quantum efficiency
Readout noise
Dark current
Signal to Noise Ratio
Sample stand
Ultra-thin white light transmission table (optional)
Transmission area: 190×260mm
 Ultra-thin blue light transmission table (optional)
Transmission area:190×260mm,Wavelength: 470mm
UV SMARTTM no shadow ultra-thin UV transmission table
Transmission area: 210×260mm,Wavelength: 302nm
Fluorescence system (optional)
Excitation light
UV fluorescence Ex365BL 

Blue fluorescence Ex470BL 

Green fluorescence Ex530BL 

Red fluorescence Ex630BL 

Near-infrared fluorescence Ex660BL
Em460/30F for UV excitation dyes detection 

Em525/30F blue light excitation dyes detection 

Em585/20F green light excitation dyes detection 

Em690/45F red light excitation dyes detection 

Em715/30F near-infrared excitation dyes detection
F1.2 electrically reconfifigurable lens
Filter wheel (Optional)
Filter wheel
8 digit electrical filter wheel

Real-time preview of gel images is obtained directly through USB digital interface to facilitate focus.

Advanced pixel merging technology is adopted
to improve sensitivity and SNR.
Exposure time or automatic exposure is set by software.
With image rotation, cutting, color inversion and other
processing functions to process image optimization.

Bands and lanes can be automatically identified, and lanes can be added, removed, and adjusted according to the need to achieve accurate lane separation.

The density integral and peak value of each band in the lane are calculated automatically, which is convenient to calculate the molecular weight and the mobility of each band.

The optical density calculation of the designated area is suitable for quantitative analysis of DNA and protein.

Document management and printing: images in the analysis are saved in BMP format so that the user can terminate or continue the analysis at any time without worrying about the loss of the analysis results. The results of the analysis can be
printed by its printing module, including images with analysis identification and user notes, optical density scan images of lane profiles, molecular weight, optical density and mobility analysis results reports.

Analysis result data export: molecular weight, optical density analysis result reports and mobility analysis reports can be exported to text files or Excel files through seamless data linking.

Nucleic acid detection:
Protein detection:
Other applications:
Fluorescent dyes such as Ethiduim Bromide, SYBRTM Gold, SYBRTM Green, SYBRTM Safe, GelStarTM, Texas Red, Fluorescein, labeled
DNA/RNA assay.
Coomassie bright blue adhesive, silver dyeing adhesive, and fluorescent dyes such as SyproTM Red,SyproTM  Orange, Pro-Q Diamond, Deep Purple marker adhesive /membrane/ chip etc.
Various hybridization membrane,
protein transfer membrane, culture
dish colony count, plate, TLC plate.


Company Profile

Hangzhou Bigfish Bio-tech Co., Ltd. Locates in Yinhu Innovation Park, Hangzhou, China. With nearly 20 years' experience in
hardware and software developing, reagent application and products manufacturing of gene detection instruments and reagents,
Bigfish team concentrates on molecular diagnosis POCT and mid-to-high level gene detection technology (Digital PCR, Nanopore
sequencing, etc.).Bigfish's core products-instruments and reagents with cost effectiveness and independent patents-have firstly applied IoT module and Intelligent Data Management Platform in life science industry, which form a complete automatic, intelligent
and industrialized customer solution.

Bigfish's main products: Basic instruments and reagents of molecular diagnosis (Nucleic acid purification system, Thermal cycler, Real-time PCR, etc.), POCT instruments and reagents of molecular diagnosis, High throughput and full-automation systems (workstation) of molecular diagnosis, Iot module and intelligent data management platform. Bigfish's mission: Focus on core technologies, Build classic brand. We will adhere to the rigorous and realistic work style, active innovation, to provide customers with reliable molecular diagnosis products, to be a world-class company in the field of life science and health care.


Product packaging


1.Provide free sample?
Yea, but you will pay for the freight cost.

2. What is your delivery time?
For stock products, we will arrange the delivery within 3 work days

3.Can you provide services on product customization?
Yes, we are a professional manufacturer and can provide customized services that can design your logo by our professional designer. You only need to conduct TM consultation or quotation and express your requirements.

4.What is your after-sales service?
We provide technical support through operating manual and video.Once you have questions, you can get our engineer's prompt response by email, phone call. If it's a hardware problem within the warranty period, we will send the spare parts for free, or you may send it back and we do the repair job.

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