Genuine Supplier of Best Quality 50kg/day Food Waste Digester / Food Waste Disposer Machine at Least Price

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Genuine Supplier of Best Quality 50kg/day Food Waste Digester / Food Waste Disposer Machine at Least Price 



Food digester of ExBio decomposes food waste through microbe and the technology of chemistry, microbiology and engineering is applied to this process.



Chemical Process: Microbe carrier:

Exchip - Carrier promotes microbe decomposition by playing the role of microbe shelter

  • To restrain odor

  • Safe materials approved are used.


Microbe Process: Microbe:

Enzyme - 21 kinds of aerobic microbe which is effective to decompose organic substances

  • Excellent decomposing power and conservativeness

  • Microbes originated from nature


Engineering Process:

EX-design system - Efficient and safe optimization design

  • Broad design ranging from domestic use to plant

  • Introduction of real-time remote control cloud system


















Product NameFood Digester
Input Voltage220V 50/60Hz 1P
Rated Power Consumption850w
Rated Power Amp7.7A
Power Consumption/day5.54kwh
Water Consumption/day461L
Dimension (Inches)33.6(W)x21.5(D)x32(H)
Dimension (mm)853(W)×545(D)×812(H)
AC Power Cable3m
AdvantageMore reasonable price than EX-series with same capacity
UsageDisposal of food waste

About Us




Environmental issues including food waste disposal are important matters countries around the world take seriously. The growing attention to the environmental issues has led to ‘the system to prohibit burying food waste directly in the ground and designate businesses mandatory to reduce food waste’ in Korea, and the cap-and-trade system in place across the world.


ExBio has practiced corporate social responsibility by conducting research, developing and commercializing eco-friendly food waste disposers, and makes continuous technological progress which serves as the foundation of the company’s achievements.







In addition, we develop various products to meet wide range of needs of customers to dispose of food waste. ExBio’s product family offers disposers not only to households but also to middle- and large business establishments and even plants to cover various needs of all customers.


ExBio is exporting products to about 20 countries beginning from the US to Japan, China, and Canada. Moreover, the company is not complacent with the best quality we have achieved but continues to develop a food waste disposer equipped with complex intelligence and will keep solidifying our leadership in global technology based on this effort.





Today, the task of protecting the environment has come to a point where it cannot be resolved only by government policies.


ExBio is looking for a solution by meeting the complementary needs of customers. Our food waste disposers give opportunities to take part in environmental protection to consumers who pursue economic profits and to gain economic benefits to consumers who take part in environmental protection.


ExBio is committed to becoming a leading company to create an eco-friendly future environment under the mission of being creative, exploring and building trust.












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Q.How is food waste disposed of?
16 kinds of aerobic microorganisms live in a carrier Exchip, which breaks food waste down into water and carbon dioxide by aerobic digestion within 24 hours.
Q.What is aerobic digestion?
Aerobic digestion is a process of digestion by microorganisms that remove odors and harmful substances. Compared to anaerobic digestion which causes toxic gases and bad odors, it is a safer and more pleasant process.
Q.What is Exchip?
 Exchip is a carrier of microorganisms, serving as the home for microorganisms. It uses an eco-friendly material to provide an optimized environment for microorganisms to survive and therefore safe for humans.
Q.How do I use the food digester?
When you put food waste in ExBio’s food digester, it breaks down waste immediately and you don’t need to do any other work.
Q.What are the benefits of using the food digester?
For households, the food digester makes it easier to dispose of food waste and creates a more pleasant environment in your kitchen. For businesses, it not only makes it easier to dispose of food waste but also significantly reduces the monthly costs of collecting food waste.
Q.What are the things the food digester can break down?
The food digester can break down all kinds of foods categorized as food waste such as meat, fruits, vegetables, bread, noodles, nuts, or fish.
Q.What are the things I should not put in the food digester?
Putting in wastes not categorized as food waste such as shells, hard bones (from pork, beef, or lamb), papers, plastics, dishes, grass may lead to failure.
Q.How long does it take to break down food waste?
Up to 99% of food waste is decomposed in 24 hours.
Q.What kinds of residues are left after decomposition?
In the process of decomposition, carbon dioxide is produced, and the remainder is mixed with water and drained with microorganisms through a drain to a drainpipe. And microorganisms living in the running water break down secondarily.
Q.Isn’t carbon dioxide released in this way harmful to customers and the environment?
The amount of carbon dioxide released from the food waste digester is much smaller than that released when incinerating and burying it in the land. As it emits a very small quantity of carbon dioxide as much as when people breathe, it is hard to say it is dangerous.
Q.I heard a machine that dries food waste and turns it into compost, isn’t it better?
A dryer needs a relatively large space required to install the device, increasing the installation cost as well. In addition, the by-product made into compost may contain bad ingredients such as salt, downgrading the value of compost and practicality.

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