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Nourifo Medical Laser System is the newest Class IV laser available in the medical 4 wavelength. It includes the optimal range of
wavelengths, with special interchangeable handpiece optics, this laser can be used to perform in dentistry, dermatology, endovenous laser
treatment (EVLT), ENT, PLDD, DEEP Tissue Therapy, podiatry, hemorrhoids and so on.

laser lipolisis Superlipo 980nm/1470nm uses local anesthesia to numb only a specific area of the body being treated so you’re awake during
the procedure. The laser fiber is inserted through a very small tube into your body, the laser ruptures the fat cell membranes and
the fat cells are permanently destroyed, at the same time, coagulate tiny blood vessels and stimulate dermal and subdermal
neocollagenesis,you don’t have to worry about dimpling and sagging skin.

Nourifo lipolisis 980nm/1470nm acts by thermal effect, breaking the fat cell membranes and blending its content. The semi-liquid fat can
be easily removed or in case of small quantities is metabolized and naturally eliminated by the body. The heat generated by laser
energy also coagulates blood vessels, restructures collagen, improves skin elasticity and promotes tissue contraction of the
treated areas. It is a minimally invasive technique with excellent aesthetic results and minimum postoperative.

Nourifo 980nm/1470nm provides the option of local anesthesia.
A laser fiber is introduced through an incision as a single laser fiber or through a small cannula and laser fiber combination,
delivering energy directly to subcutaneous adipose tissue to disrupt fat cells and coagulate soft tissue.
Laser contouring results include less bleeding, swelling, and bruising, as compared to traditional liposuction.

Patients may experience quicker healing and less recovery time, reducing the required time for follow-up in the office.
Laser contouring is a great option for patients who desire lower face and neck revitalization without the downtime of a face lift.
Laser lipolysis is an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction treatment, which when used alone, may not provide benefits
seen with laser energy.


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Nourifo class 4 laser therpay machine


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Certificate introduction

Company Introduction

Product Name
Laser lipolisis system
Laser Type
980nm or 1470nm
Output Power
980nm 30W,60w or 1470nm 15w
Working modes
CW and Pulse Mode
Aiming Beam
Adjustable Red indicator light 650nm
Fiber diameter
0.4mm/0.6 mm/0.8mm Bare fiber optional
Fiber connector
SMA905 international standard
 Net Weight
Gross Weight
L275mm * W283mm * H186mm

WuHan Qitop Technology Co.,Ltd is located at beautiful scenic East Lake side, Optical Valley Avenue. Qitop Laser is a factory
specializes in research,development,production and marketing of industrial laser system,medical laser equipment,laser machine and
so on, Qitop has an integrative team with a group of professionals in fields of laser, mechanism,electronic,industrial
automatization and computer software. We are innovative pioneers who offers professional laser machinery, laser equipment system
solution and all machinery for the domestic and oversea customer.

Qitop Laser equipment mainly includes Industrial laser system, Medical laser system, Laser machine and other six major series more
than 10 product cateories. The core technology has got many national patents. And formed a set of advanced and mature production
technology, which could timely,quality,and quantity provide customers with superior performance,competitive prices of products.
Our laser products are well received in china and over 10 foreign countries.Sustaining the tenet'build brand, honest trustworthy,
technical head and innovative" The Qitop Laser ready to provide new and old customer with more advanced and cost-effective laser
machine product and service.


Industrial Laser :

●PCB laser soldering and smart thermostat system

●Laser wire stripping machine

●Multi channel fiber –coupled diode laser heating and solidifying system.

Medical Laser:

Laser hair-growth system,Laser semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument.


●Series of fiber-coupled diode lasers, High Power YAGLaser

Add:Room3-903,Optical Valley Avenue,East Lake High-Tech Development Zone,Wuhan

Post Code:430070

contact person:lydia
whats app:0086 18971500919


We are mutifunction laser machine, laser device manufacturer.
FAQ Q1.Are you manufacture?
yes, we are manfaucture, not trading company, all laser product is our company design and produce, all our products we have patents to protect.
Q2. Is your diode laser is medical laser?
Yes , we are A type of medical laser, This laser diode have protect windows.so our
laser machine lifetime is longer than others. welcome contact with us, we will teach you how to distinguish ordinary laser and our
medical laser.
Q3.what is different is your diode laser?
Our diode laser lifetime is longer than other, treatment effect is the better than others. Of course, the cost is higher than others.
Q4. We often see some people said laser system is no use?
As you are not choose the right product. You choose cheap laser system. It is useless for you, and no treatment. Only waste your money.
You should choose right laser system. For example,Nourifo system.
Q5. How to better use in our laser system,?
As our laser system
lifetime is long, and power is strong and stable all time. So we strong recommend clinic, hospital, spa and personal use people
use our laser system. In other words, our system can be used again and again, and treatment is the same. Not like others, will
weaken and weaken. Still welcome contact with us, will teach you how to distinguish the system power.
Q6. If buy from you,what I
can get from package? 1.Laser or light therapy system 2.Manual 3.Metal box 4.One year guarantee 5,Spare parts
Q7.Do you also offer other package
Suggest choose metal box
Free shipping to worldwide.
We accept Paypal ,west
union, and T/T.
Q10. Return / Warranty.
one years warrantee.
Q11. What is your after sales?
Free after sales in 1 year. About us.
We are manufacturer for laser system and ohter laser device, we are in laser field pass 10 years, we are not only for laser cap,
we also have laser belt, pain relief machine, headache treatment belt, welcome you come to inquiry from us. What’s app:0086

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