Carbohydrate-restricted diet ketone distubuttor edible bulk cooking oil

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This MCT oil was awarded the Monde Selection Gold Medal in 2022.

MCT oil was jointly developed with a long-established company that has acquired various certifications such as ISO22000, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, and RSPO certifications, a sign of trust. The founder himself searched countless manufacturers by foot and succeeded in developing a high-quality, reasonably priced product.

【Safe and Reliable Domestic Factories】
Products are manufactured in safe and reliable factories in Japan that have obtained GMP conformity certificates.
GMP is a manufacturing process control standard to ensure that products are made safely and maintain a "certain level of quality" in all processes from receiving raw materials to manufacturing and shipping.

‎23 x 7 x 7 cm
C6: Caproic acid 2% or less
C8: Caprylic acid 50-60%
 C10: Capric acid 30~45%
C12: Lauric acid 3% or less

made in JAPAN

0.86 kg
raw materials
100% derived from coconut (originated in Indonesia and Malaysia)
Preservation method
Store in a dark place at room temperature.
Use of bottles that protect quality from outside heat.

Product Usage

【What is MCT Oil?】
Medium-chain fatty acids have a different digestive pathway than ordinary dietary oils.
Medium-chain fatty acids are different from ordinary dietary oils in that they are easily utilized as energy and do not easily turn into body fat.
The best oil for weight loss It is the best oil for weight loss.

MCT oil is digested and absorbed more quickly than ordinary oils, and is readily converted into energy, making it ideal for use in a variety of situations, including nutritional supplementation in the medical and sports fields, and in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.

【Recommended intake method】
It is tasteless and odorless, so it can be mixed with various foods and beverages.
Recommended: Coffee, soy milk, salads, miso soup, yogurt, etc.
Depending on your constitution, even a small amount may cause loose bowels, so for first-time use, start with about 1 teaspoon and gradually increase the amount.

Do not fry or stir-fry in this oil as heating may cause smoke and bubbling, which is dangerous!


Domestic GMP-certified plants
Monde Selection Gold Award in 2022

Company Profile

Extage Co., Ltd.
We support the creation of a rich lifestyle for each and every one of our customers based on the theme of beauty and health.
・Planning, development and OEM of cosmetics, health foods, beauty appliances, furniture, etc.

Monde Selection Gold Award in 2020, 2021 and 2022
・Ranked No. 1 in the three major malls in Japan, Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, and Yahoo Shopping
・Hundreds of factories in Japan
・Trading factories in Japan
Domestic GMP certified factory
Domestic ISO22716 certified factory
Domestic ISO9001 certified factory

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