EASCO Covered Wire Close Slotted Cable Trays Wire Duct Sizes

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EASCO Covered Wire Close Slotted Cable Trays Wire Duct Sizes

UL94V0  CE  ISO9001 ISO14001 


VDC - Rigi PVC. Self-extinguishing.UL94 V-0 

VDCR - Lead Free PVC. Rohs.CE. Self-extinguishing. UL94 V-0

Length  2 Meter (~78") complete with coer.

CE or Rohs Complied

PVC provides a lightweight self extinguishing wiring duct

with excellent rigidity and performance characteristics

Aesthetics Close Slotted Wiring Duct is availabe in gray  

Black. White. Blue isupon requests of reasonable quantity

Insulating, Shock-resistant and self-extinguishing thermoplastic in conformity with UL94V0

Close slotted design does prevent the escaping of cable from the slot. Excellent Cable Retention. 

UL94 V-0 Material Flame Rating  

Self-extinguishing PVC provides a greater flame resistance enabling its use in more electrical applications.  


Article-No.Item No.Slot  (mm) Finger  (mm) WxHxL(mm)Packing (pcs/pack)
1104-00192VDC2530KD 6825x30x2000mm72
1104-00193VDC3030KD 6830x30x2000mm70
Article-No.Item No.Slot  (mm) Finger  (mm) WxHxL(mm)Packing (pcs/pack)
1104-00197VDC3050MD 10830x50x2000mm60
1104-00198VDC3550MD 10835x50x2000mm60
1104-00199VDC4050MD 10840x50x2000mm50
1104-00200VDC4550MD 10845x50x2000mm40
1104-00201VDC5050MD 10850x50x2000mm40
1104-00202VDC5550MD 10855x50x2000mm40
1104-00203VDC6050MD 10860x50x2000mm34
1104-00204VDC8050MD 10880x50x2000mm26
1104-00205VDC10050MD 108100x50x2000mm20
Article-No.Item No.Slot  (mm) Finger  (mm) WxHxL(mm)Packing (pcs/pack)
1104-00207VDC3060T 10830x60x2000mm60
1104-00208VDC3560T 10835x60x2000mm50
1104-00209VDC4060T 10840x60x2000mm42
1104-00210VDC4560T 10845x60x2000mm42
1104-00211VDC5560T 10855x60x2000mm36
1104-00212VDC6060T 10860x60x2000mm30
1104-00213VDC8060T 10880x60x2000mm22
1104-00214VDC10060T 108100x60x2000mm16
1104-00215VDC2580T 101025x80x2000mm50
1104-00216VDC3080T 101030x80x2000mm40
1104-00217VDC3580T 101035x80x2000mm36
1104-00218VDC4080T 101040x80x2000mm28
1104-00219VDC4580T 101045x80x2000mm28
1104-00220VDC5080T 101050x80x2000mm24
1104-00221VDC5580T 101055x80x2000mm24
1104-00222VDC6080T 101060x80x2000mm20
1104-00223VDC8080T 101080x80x2000mm16
1104-00224VDC10080T 1010100x80x2000mm12
1104-00225VDC12080T 1010120x80x2000mm10
1104-00226VDC14080T 1010140x80x2000mm8
1104-00227VDC33100T 101033x100x2000mm36
1104-00228VDC40100T 101040x100x2000mm28
1104-00229VDC48100T 101048x100x2000mm24
1104-00230VDC50100T 101050x100x2000mm24
1104-00231VDC60100T 101060x100x2000mm20
1104-00232VDC70100T 101070x100x2000mm16
1104-00233VDC80100T 101080x100x2000mm16
1104-00234VDC100100T 1010100x100x2000mm12
1104-00235VDC120100T 1010120x100x2000mm8
1104-00236VDC160100T 1010160x100x2000mm6
Article-No.Item No.Slot  (mm) Finger  (mm) WxHxL(mm)Packing (pcs/pack)
1104-00239VDC3580TF 101035x80x2000mm36
1104-00240VDC4080TF 101040x80x2000mm28
1104-00242VDC5080TF 101050x80x2000mm24
1104-00243VDC5580TF 101055x80x2000mm24
1104-00244VDC6080TF 101060x80x2000mm20
1104-00245VDC8080TF 101080x80x2000mm16
1104-00246VDC10080TF 1010100x80x2000mm12
1104-00247VDC12080TF 1010120x80x2000mm10
1104-00248VDC14080TF 1010140x80x2000mm8
1104-00249VDC33100TF 101033x100x2000mm36
1104-00250VDC40100TF 101040x100x2000mm28
1104-00251VDC48100TF 101048x100x2000mm24
1104-00252VDC50100TF 101050x100x2000mm24
1104-00253VDC60100TF 101060x100x2000mm20
1104-00254VDC70100TF 101070x100x2000mm16
1104-00255VDC80100TF 101080x100x2000mm16
1104-00256VDC100100TF 1010100x100x2000mm12
1104-00257VDC120100TF 1010120x100x2000mm8
1104-00258VDC160100TF 1010160x100x2000mm6

certificateISO9001:2008  ; ISO14001:2004 ; UL E354081 Wire Duct ; UL94V-0 Wiring Duct ; CE Wire Duct  ; UV test Wiring Duct ; Rohs Halogen Free Wire Duct ; Rohs Wiring Duct ; Rohs Flexible Channel  ; Reach Cable Duct ;High Temperature Test : PVC Cable Trunking

why choose us

Factory 26+ years manufacturing experience, Alibaba 7 yrs gold supplier -------- EASCO 

EASCOprovides solutions to wire & cable management in the fields of industrial electrical accessories, our product categories: wiring duct made of rigid self-extinguishing PVC material and hardness lead-free PVC material, flexible conduit, nylon tie, wrapping band, electrical din rail, cable clip, cable clamp, cable gland, cable connector, bushing, cable marking, terminal, and wiring accessories. To meet the needs of users worldwide, Easco complies with the international Quality Standard Management ISO9001 as well as Environmental management ISO14001, with more products certified by UL, CE, RoHS, REACH, etc.


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