Chicken manure fermentation fertilizer making commercial waste food composter

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COMPO S-SERIES is the latest lineup of CHUBU ECOTEC CO., LTD., which developed a closed vertical fermentation system and supports the treatment of organic waste from livestock farms, food factories, general households, etc.
The treatment uses only the heat of fermentation as the heat source and does not require any external heat source, bacteria or enzymes.
The efficient heat insulation structure provides a stable processing temperature, which reduces odors and enables the production of high-quality organic fertilizer.

Durability: Many Units have been in operation for more than 20 years, and some have been in operation for more than 30 years. We have a track record of introducing from extremely cold Russia to hot and humid Southeast Asia.
Reliability: We have achieved sales results of over 40 years and cumulative sales of over 3,800 units, and have a track record of processing a wide variety of raw materials.
Maintainability: Designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling on-site maintenance, parts procurement, and replacement work.
Operability: The design allows raw materials to be directly input and does not require pretreatment before input or the addition of subsidiary materials.
Profitability: We are developing with the goal of being the most effective processing machine when considering the initial, running, and maintenance costs for the processing amount.

The flagship S-90 type has three different specifications depending on the input raw materials, for high water content / high density (S-90 QUATTRO), for unstable water content / unstable density (S-90ET) and for low water content / low density (S-90 NOPPO).

Target processing raw materials: chicken manure with a water content of 75% or more, pig manure, cow manure, kitchen waste with a water content of 75% or more, activated sludge, etc.
Target processing raw materials: chicken manure whose water content changes due to seasonal fluctuations and age in the day, kitchen waste with fluctuations but an average water content of 70%, etc.
Target processing raw materials: chicken manure with a water content of 60% or less by manure drying system, chicken manure mixed with the organic floor materials, sugar cane lees, etc.

For odor treatment, we have prepared several types of options that can respond to various situations considering the surrounding environment, from livestock manure treatment to industrial waste treatment.
We can also combine several options to make the most cost-effective proposals.

Example: Combined deodorization facility with dust remover, water deodorization system and chimny exhaust.

The by-product produced by the process is a dry, smooth and powdery organic fertilizer.
It can be sold to the market as a valuable top quality organic fertilizer.

The application of organic fertilizer has the effect of increasing soil conditions, and continuous application can improve the soil environment and continuous application can improve the soil environment.
In addition, we can contribute to a sound material-cycle society by using locally available organic waste without relying on chemical fertilizers that use a lot of fossil resources.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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COMPO S-Series
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We, CHUBU ECOTEC CO., LTD. started from CHUBU SIRYO CO., LTD. one of Japan's leading feed companies founded in 1949, and manufacture closed vertical fermentation processing systems in the high population density and strict environmental regulations of Japan. We have a sales record of 3,700 Units and a 70% market share in Japan. Since 2010, we have started overseas sales and installed from hot and humid Southeast Asia to extremely cold Russia. We also sell premium organic fertilizers manufactured by our fermenter and have a sales result mainly in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Obtained ISO14001.

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