Additive-free no salted condiment packets seaweed seasoning powder

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(Product detail4) Umami Dashi pack of Dry aged Kombu

(Characteristics of the product)
Utilizing our unique technique, we succeeded in manufacturing Kombu dashi pack with which anybody can get tasty Kombu dashi in only 5 minutes. Just put this teabag style pack in a hot water (98℃)then you get excellent dashi as tasty as veteran chef gets. We only use natural Kombu to make this dashi pack. No MSG/No chemical seasoning used.No salt added. 

《Traditional way of preparing dashi》 ”Requires a lot of work/time ”
①Soak Kombu in the water for 1 hour 
②Transfer to a pot and place on stove to heat 
③Just before boiling point, take the ingredients out

《Our Umami Dashi Pack》 You can make dashi effortlessly in a short period of time!
①Put dashi pack in a 98℃ hot water
②Move dashi pack in up and down for about 10 times
③5minutes later, take out the pack.

(Ingredients)Hokkaido Kombu
(Shelf life)365days
(Package size)40g (5g x 8), 400g, 1kg (100g x 10)

(How to get Kombu dashi)
(1)Put Kombu dashi pack in the hot water (98℃).
(2)Move the pack up and down for 10-20times. 
(3)In 5 minutes, you get the excellent Kombu dashi.

(Other than taking dashi, we suggest you to try)
(1)Soup split
(Put the dashi pack in the Ramen soup after you finished eating noodle and enjoy your soup split.)
(2)Complimentary drink at the restaurant
(You can let your customers to know this is the dashi you use at your restaurant.)

Brand name
Processed Kombu (Kelp)
Product name
Umami Dashi Pack of Dry aged Kombu
Place of origin

Company Profile

We specialize in Kombu, which is a traditional food in Japan for many years. In Japan, Kombu is highly valued as food manufacturer, restaurant, and home use. You can get professional taste for a short period of time (5 minutes) even if you are first time user. The package is characterized by manga and English, easy to understand products information including how to use.
We are certified as one of the designated factories of Saitama prefecture for having superb techinique and being environmentallyfriendly. We keep actively develop new products to meet overseas demand.

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