Итальянские высококачественные винные красные пиноты черные (древесина дуба) doc 2019 piemonte пиноты nero doc «3 fucili» Cascina Faletta 0,75L

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Product Overview


Products Description

3 Fucili

Still red wine originating from the Bricco del Mandorlo vineyard. On the palate, it has a decisive flavour with balanced tannins and good persistence. To the nose, it has decisive flavours of red fruits, spicy juniper and white pepper with delicate floral notes. Initially complex and intense, with an elegant and delicate

Manufacturing Technique

Vinification and Aging
100% Pinot noir.
Silt-clayey with limestone layers.
In 40hl small wooden vat with submerged cap. Malolactic fermentation in wood.
24 months in barrels.
Deep ruby red

The project

Cascina Faletta
Charm and mystery. It is not known for sure, but it is thought that Cascina Faletta was built in 1881. This is suggested by the original ceramic plaque which bears that date, still fixed to the entrance gate. This first element announces the precise intention of the owners, Elena Novarino and Giovanni Rosso: to preserve the traces of the past. A meticulous renovation, for example, has given new life to the original floors and ceilings. Even the items of furniture, individually selected by Elena, are vintage. Recovery, as a modus operandi, is testimony to the owners’ respect for Faletta’s soul. A location surrounded by vineyards: one document certifies that in as early as 1957 Faletta was awarded 500,000 Lire for being considered a winery of excellence. Now, like then, the journey into the world of wine continues. And every bottle is testimony to the past. Their love and deep respect for the past has not prevented the owners, Elena and Giovanni, from equipping Faletta with the most modern technologies. The crowning glory is the home automation system which manages and  regulates all of the location’s devices, from the lights to the air conditioning. Elena e Giovanni continue, tenaciously and passionately, the project begun by their grandparents. It was precisely their ancestors who worked the surrounding lands from the 1920s. Indigenous and international vines now produce whites, reds and sparkling wines. Every label has its history, starting with the logo with 3 crossed rifles. This choice was the result of an extraordinary discovery: during the renovation, three rifles were found in a hidden room. They were 91 Carcano models, still loaded with 6.5 calibre ammunition, wrapped in the pages of the newspaper Uomo Qualunque (Common Man’s Front), the publication of the homonymous Movement founded by Guglielmo Giannini, dated First of January 1947. Still today, there is mystery surrounding how these weapons came to be found at Cascina. A mystery that seduces and fascinates to the point that the Pinot Nero was named 3 Fucili (3 Rifles). The Rosso di Rosso, Primo Bianco, Incontro and Braja also have on their labels a copy of the historic newspaper. The sparkling wine, the Marchesa Virginia, on the other hand, is in homage to the woman thought to be the Estate’s first owner. Then there is the Myricae white wine, named as such because the homonymous and very famous collection of poems by Giovanni Pascoli tells of life in the fields.

Company Profile

Agriment Italia
Agriment Italia aims to give value, voice, visibility and development prospects to those who work in the wine and food industry, cooperating to the Made in Italy success all over the world.

Agriment Italy is a company that exports Italian wine all over the world, we work with many wineries located in different regions of Italy, especially with Piedmont, Tuscany, Sicily and Sardinia but also with Veneto, Basilicata, Campania, Marche, Lazio and Abruzzo.

Agriment Italia:
- introduce cellars, products and services to importers from all over the world;
- constitute a point of aggregation and representation to: the trade, the institutions, the consumer market and the main players involved, optimize the costs by sharing the investments among different cellars in order to make the involvement at the international events more profitable;
- follow the contacts with importers and distributors, helping them into the market development, adapting the offer, the packaging and the communication in relation to the distribution channels and the customers demand.

Our Wineries

Why Choose Us

Tell us why!
The support was incredible: from the team coming to Colorado to showcasing the wine, see clients on the markets and even do training with the distributors. If you’re in the import business and looking for multiple wineries through one point of contact, Agriment Italia is very great to work with and I certainly recommend them for your business.” 
- Ryan Locke, Canon Wine Imports, Denver CO
I met Anna few years ago in a wine exhibition and I was immediately impressed by her passionand knowledge for the wine. Agriment Italia is a very nice group of young guys, very passionate and very motivated about the wine as well as very professional.”
- Diego Bonato, Azienda Agricola Reassi, Padova IT
Anna knows about the Swedish wine market which Is very very special because of the monopoly, so for a winemaker this can be very confusing. Therefore Agriment Italia is a big help, I can fully recommend it as a company for other importers.
- Martin Wool, Sweden importers
During this years we worked side by side with Anna and Agriment Italia team achieving great results, doing fairs, abroad trade missions and promoting our wines in Asia, China and Japan. Agriment Italia team fully support us in everything that, as a small winery without a marketing office or customer care, we need.” 
- Valentino Valentini, Azienda Agricola Bocale, Perugia IT
For my winery I decided to work with Agriment Italia because since the first meeting I’ve been impressed by their professionalism and humanity. Their value resides in Agriment team, which is made from highly professional people, following with passion a work focused on quality in every aspect.” 
- Olivastri Tommaso, Azienda Agricola Olivastri Tommaso, Chieti IT


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