Yamaha Wholesale Japanese Automatic Grinding Robot System Car Polisher Stainless Steel Polishing Machine

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For automatic sanding and polishing robot, choose Yamaha!

Finishing Robot Systems

A robot system dedicated to finishing filled with Yamaha's craftsmanship.

Product Name
Automatic Sanding and Polishing System "Finishing Robot System"
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This is a robot system specializing in precision finishing, whose automation has been difficult to date.

Provided with the expertise cultivated through musical instrument making and the craftsmanship of skilled workers, laborsaving is realized for processes that require high accuracy such as sanding and polishing.

Features of Finishing Robot Systems

A robot reproducing human senses

The finishing process carried out by people “depending on their senses” is reproduced with our proprietary control function and software.

1.Load feedback control

2.Offset/rotation speed control

3.Thrust control

5.Peripherals supporting finishing

4.Teaching support software

6.The finishing process is automated more freely.


Fuel tanks, Artificial joint, etc.

Learn more on the official web site.

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Company Profile

Yamaha Fine Technologies Co., Ltd.

Technology that Defines Precision

Yamaha Fine Technologies applies the advanced production technologies developed through musical instrument manufacturing to a wide range of applications.

In order to facilitate the rapid advancement of cutting-edge Monozukuri, our factory automation products utilize a wealth of proprietary automation technologies.

In addition to the precision machines that are essential for manufacturing mobile devices, we develop and produce inspection systems such as leak testers and ultrasonic testers which support the enhancement of automotive and consumer electronics, and finishing robots, which have inherited the skills of expert artisans.

At Yamaha Fine Technologies, we ensure that Yamaha quality, which has gone beyond musical instruments to redefine standards in a range of industries, will be at the heart of the products you make.

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