Wireless charging autonomous mobile robot appliances fast moving machine

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Small, but robust and reliable!

Our Robot-V1000 is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) which autonomously goes under a standard roll box pallet, lifting it up with its lifting mechanism in the middle of this product, transporting it to previously set locations.

We adopt special software supplied by Navitec Systems (in Finland) in order to achieve its positioning accuracy within ±10mm.

Because it is an AMR driven by 2D SLAM, you no longer need extra installment such as attaching magnetic tapes on the ground.
All you need is mapping with lasers. Mapping is possible if you have more than 20% of columns or walls on the floor.

Of course, we also have safety sensors or bumper sensors as options.
Only a PC is required for route setting.

Our controlling system can handle 100 pieces of AMRs at maximum.
To prevent from AMRs to freeze by facing each other at intersections, you can decide priorities of each AMR or motions beforehand.

So far, we have confirmed that our Robot-V1000 can transport loads of 1000kg, meaning that our AMRs can convey a wide range of loads.

For charging systems, wireless charging is adopted.
Laser sensors are placed at the back and front of this product, enabling laser mapping.

Place of origin
Guided way
Load capacity
Steering way
dual steering wheel driven
Running directions
forward, backward, spin turn
Max run speed
Power supply
lithium ion battery
Charging system
wireless charging (automatic)
Outline external dimensions
L1600mm x W800mm x H330mm
1 set

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Company Profile

Makitech Co.,Ltd. is a world-class manufacturer of advanced distribution and logistics equipment with the headquarters located in Nagoya, Japan.

Over 70 years, we have developed and provided various kinds of advanced products such as rollers, conveyor systems, racking systems, roll-boxes, aisle saving pallet racks (ASPs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and etc. We also handle construction products and care assistive products.

Our strength is safety & quality, delivery and price.
We are a Japanese company, but our business is not limited to Japan. We have 3 group companies and 5 partner companies; 4 in China, 2 in Vietnam, 1 in Thailand and Indonesia.
We have experience of exporting our products to customers in more than 20 countries and regions for over a half century.
Not only do we export products, but also we send our professional supervisors abroad for field surveys and installments.

Here we show some of our high-demand products.

It would be very much appreciated to contact us if you find any of our products are of your interest.
We are very flexible in serving every customer in anyways doing our best to meet the requirements.

Thank you.

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