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Aisle Saver Pallets have the following functions.
Each rack moves independently, and only one working aisle is required.
Therefore, double storage efficiency can be obtained compared with fixed racks.

Our racks have a simple structure and high cost performance with low risk of trouble.

There are mainly 7 features.
1. High storage efficiency thanks to one working aisle
By adopting movable racks, the storage capacity will be doubled and the space can be effectively utilized.
2. Low cost system (high performance)
3. Maximum work plane system (from anywhere)
4. Simple structure & low risk of trouble
5. Great earthquake resistance
Very few damage was found with the stored items when one of the biggest earthquakes in history
occurred in japan.
Racks without an aisle are in close contact, which prevents products from falling.
(Products tend to fall from fixed racks and automatic warehouses.)
6. Easy operation by one button (work can be started from the day when the installation is completed)
Anyone can secure a necessary aisle by simple button operation.
7. Short installation period in the case of method without rails
The installation period will be short and it will be easy to move the racks in the method without rails,
which does not require the traveling rails of movable racks. It requires no processing of floors
and can be used for field warehouses.

We also have sales records of ASPs for book shelves (ex., library).

Let us know if you have any questions.

Company Profile

Makitech Co.,Ltd. is a world-class manufacturer of advanced distribution and logistics equipment with the headquarters located in Nagoya, Japan.

Over 70 years, we have developed and provided various kinds of advanced products such as rollers, conveyor systems, racking systems, roll-boxes, aisle saving pallet racks (ASPs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and etc. We also handle construction products and care assistive products.

Our strength is safety & quality, delivery and price.
We are a Japanese company, but our business is not limited to Japan. We have 3 group companies and 5 partner companies; 4 in China, 2 in Vietnam, 1 in Thailand and Indonesia.
We have experience of exporting our products to customers in more than 20 countries and regions for over a half century.
Not only do we export products, but also we send our professional supervisors abroad for field surveys and installments.

Here we show some of our high-demand products.

It would be very much appreciated to contact us if you find any of our products are of your interest.
We are very flexible in serving every customer in anyways doing our best to meet the requirements.

Thank you.

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