Natto Circulation High Blood Pressure Health Food Supplement

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PFBC is a functional food material containing Bacillopeptidase F derived from fermented soy beans, which is a traditional food in Japan known as natto.

PFBC is patent-protected and has been shown to have three functions; (1) anticoagulant (2) thrombolytic, and (3) blood viscosity reduction activities.

Why PFBC is important to take every day on a consistent basis?
Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases account for about 30% of causes of death in Japan, about 25% in the world. To lower mortality rates while in the prime of life, it is very important to prevent cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases.
A patient with cardiovascular disease may evade a fatal cardiovascular event, but eventually their quality and duration of life will be compromised.
Contemporary lifestyles choices are associated with an increased risk of thrombus formation and subsequent ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. It has recently been demonstrated that the etiology of travel induced thrombosis, also known as “economy class syndrome”, is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which may result in a pulmonary embolism. DVT may develop as a result of prolonged sitting in cramped quarters related to both air and auto travel. Additionally, common ailments such as stiff shoulder muscles and leg edema may be caused by insufficient peripheral circulation, caused by excess blood viscosity. The key to preventing DVT and insufficient peripheral circulation is to balance coagulation and fibrinolysis, to prevent thrombus formation and to enhance overall cardiovascular health and longevity. PFBC may be a critical component to achieve such balance.

Dosage recommendation
Based on animal and human studies, the recommended daily dosage of PFBC is 125 to 500 mg.


Product Name
Bulk Powder of Purified Filtrate of Bacillus subtilis var. natto Culture
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Daiwa's vision is to help people live healthy lives and enhance their overall well-being by applying the principles of bioscience while respecting the laws of nature. We call this vision “Quality of Life”. Guided by our vision, Daiwa offers superior products derived through our proprietary research and development of unique functional ingredients and by finding new applications for beneficial microorganisms.

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