Swiss private label natural plant extract healthcare supplements capsules for cardiovascular health

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CardioProtect Duo combines a tablet product, containing vitamin B1, K2 and vitamin E with a peculiar grape seed extract rich in OPCs antioxidants, and a softgel capsule containing omega-3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA), coenzyme Q10 and astaxanthin. This unique dual product contains vitamin B1, EPA and DHA that contribute to the maintenance of the normal functioning of the heart*.

*In compliance to EC Regulation No 1924/2006

Product Details

CardioProtect Duo contains vitamin B1, EPA and DHA that contribute to the maintenance of normal cardiac function**, together with
vitamin E that contributes to the reduction of oxidative stress*. 

*In compliance to EC Regulation No 1924/2006.
**The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of EPA and DHA.
adults in need to support the correct cardiovascular function
One tablet and one softgel per day
CardioProtect Duo combines a tablet product, containing vitamin B1, K2 and vitamin E with a clinically researched [1] grape seed extract rich in proanthocyanidin antioxidants, with a softgel capsule containing omega-3 fatty acids, coenzyme Q10 and astaxanthin
from microalgal source. These high quality ingredients provide a full support for normal cardiovascular function. [1] Belcaro, G., Ledda, A., Hu, S., Cesarone, M. R., Feragalli, B., & Dugall, M. (2013). Grape seed procyanidins in pre-and mild hypertension: a registry study. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2013.

Two Dosage Form in the same product: 60 Tablets + 60 Softgel in dual blister with folding box

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SFI Health isn’t just a company name, or a logo. It is a pledge to you and here’s what it means:

For us, it’s personal. We believe we have an obligation to humankind that goes far beyond a day job. Our collective belief that nature’s healing powers should be accessible to all, has made it our responsibility to develop health solutions that truly make a difference for you.

We inform, to empower. By sharing our research and knowledge, connecting you with health experts around the world, and offering
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We could also tell you about our commitment to quality, safety and effectiveness. Or our state-of-the-art facilities and global team of professional experts. But you should expect nothing less.

With world-class production facilities in the USA, UK, and Switzerland, SFI Health Solutions helps natural healthcare companies
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Our rich history dates back over 200 years to when our everyday healthcare brand Potter’s was founded. Since then our family has grown to include Flordis, Klaire Labs, Ginsana, Equazen, ProThera, Complementary Prescriptions as well as Potter’s.

Continuing to build upon our reputation for efficacy, safety and quality, the SFI Group has become more robust and
diverse – forming a house of international brands as well as extending a range of specialised business-to-business services through our unique SFI Services offering.

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We believe natural healthcare companies should be transparent about how their products are produced as well as the quality of the origins of ingredients that go into them. We call this our “Source to Consumer Philosophy”.

We begin by knowing the source, quality, consistency and established benefit of each and every individual ingredient that goes into our products. Next, we apply strict production standards, quality controls and extensive product testing throughout our supply chain, all underpinned by rigorous scientific research.

We maintain the highest standards to deliver products you can trust.


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