900*170*110 ECOLED-180W-G90-K1 матрица, 21250 лм, светодиодные лампы

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A distinctive feature of the "MATRIX" series of luminaires is the use of COB-matrices as a light source in them. The simplicity of design, affordability and quick assembly of COB luminaires allows for attractively low prices compared to other series. And this is without prejudice to its technical characteristics and capabilities. The use of a concentrated high-temperature light source has become possible thanks to the development of an efficient heat sink body called by us "matrix". With its help, the matrices work in a comfortable thermal mode. A borosilicate glass lens serves as a physical protection for the matrix from external influences. The lenses, in turn, have different shapes, which provide different types of luminous intensity curves for use in various tasks, both outdoor and industrial.

Luminous intensity curve type (LSI)
Wide (S), 130*70
Power consumption, W
Total luminous flux, LM

Our Advantages

One of the main advantages of LED lamps is that their use can significantly save both electricity and money spent on lighting in general.

It may seem at first glance that the price of an LED lamp will seem too high, but you should not rush to conclusions.

In a modern economy, taking into account the constant growth of inflation and the increase in the cost of electricity, the use of LED lamps will significantly reduce costs and lead to very tangible savings in the course of their operation.

The difference in electricity consumption is also quite significant. Turning on an LED lamp does not require additional energy costs, as when starting traditional lamps, the absence of radiation of thermal energy and a high level of efficiency - all these factors allow LED lighting devices to consume electricity 6-7 times less than conventional lighting devices.


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