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Shakudo is copper and gold alloy, and a kind of Japanese traditional alloy.

The shine of shakudo is far deeper than any other metal.
The change of its colour shows mystic beauty.
By the special method, copper is mixed with gold and it is possible for only skillful craftsman to create our "Shacudo".

Once shakudo was used for the art craft products, such as parts of Katana,Samurai sword, or Kanzashi, ornamental hairpins in Japan.
A lot of people in those days were fascinated with unique colour and adored elaborate works of shakudo.
Today the beauty of shakudo spread to all over the world.

Our "Shacudo Jewelry" is made of this shakudo material combined with 18 carat gold or platinum with diamonds.
In each "Shacudo Jewelry", the traditions and spirits of old Japan are still alive.

We adopt a inlaying technique : beating shakudo into the ditch of ground precious metal.

Skilled craftsman beats shakudo into the ditch of ground metal tightly.

When completing, the colour of shakudo part is pink gold.

And then, as the time passes, it grows deeper and deeper.
The Beauty time passage creates!

The simpleness in desgin is based on Japanese sence of beauty, and it mach present fashion perfectly.

The sharp shape matches with the shine of the diamonds, gives the cool and refined impression.

Rings are all the build-to-order manufacturing, because it cannot do the size mending.


Q1: Can I have a dark colored product?
A1: A newly made product is always pink colored. Enjoy the product’s color-changing process.

Q2: It does not seem to change color.
A2: Every product has its own pace of changing color, varying from 3 to 6 months. Enjoy the naturally changing color of the product.

Q3: It darkened once, but became lighter again.
A3: It may darken or lighten depending on the environment. In addition, in case of a ring, the sides, which directly contact the skin, may turn lighter. We kindly request you to understand that this is a natural material and the change is not homogeneous.

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"SHACUDO" copper alloy
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Company Profile

Yu2 Associates,Inc.
We manufacture modern designed jewelry which is made by Japanese traditinal craft.
We use "makie" and "shakudo" which have long been considered good value in Japan.
We won an outstanding prize in the 9th Platinum Creator House Exhibition in 1991, and we were exhibited at the MQ Museum (Vienna) in 2015.
Our creations are dramatic, but designed to have a distinct presence without overwhelming their wearers.
We have sold more than 1,000 pieces of our jewelry in Japan, and they also sold in specialty jewelry shops throughout Japan.

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