Citraconic acid dry white crystalline chemicals powder additives

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Citraconic acid is a derivative made from citraconic anhydride.

・CAS No .: 498-23-7
・Chemical formula: C5 H6O4
・Molecular weight: 130.1 g mol
・Properties: White crystalline powder, peculiar odor
・Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol, ether and acetone. Melts well
・Decomposition temperature (melting point): 87-90 ℃
・Main applications: Capacitor electrolytes, photosensitive resin raw materials, etc.

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Citraconic Acid
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Iwata Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Contribute to human and global health
We, Iwata Chemical Co., Ltd., sell organic acids such as citric acid and itaconic acid.
We also meet the needs of various customers by manufacturing food materials, organic acid derivatives, biosurfactants, etc. using
powder processing technology such as coating and granulation, and fermentation technology.

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