Premium Coral Fragging Tool Kit 5 pieces highest quality fragging and coral propafation tools M-2268B

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Product Overview






America's leading supplier of stainless steel aquarium tools for coral fragging and aqua-scaping.
Retail, wholesale, export and private label.


Specialty stainless steel tools for coral propagation and fresh water aqua scaping.


All Cutting tools ( Scissors & coral cutters) are further tempered / emblazed at the tips bringing the hardness to about 47 hrc. This results in superior cutting performance year after year.


Product Description


Our premium line starts with 420 Japanese Stainless steel. Much of the production is still done by hand in old world traditions. after we passivate each tool removing the iron coment the surfaces corrosion, next we black oxidize each tool further protecting the products from rust or corrosion even in the harshest slatwater envirments.


Precision Cutter


6” OAL with a 0.75 cut length. This tapered head coral is perfect for those hard to reach areas and well as any precision cutting required. Other feathers include knurled handles for non-slip gripping power, box joint construction to maintain a well aligned cutting action and double lead spring made of reliable spring steel.





Large SPS Cutter


This “bone cutter” is the workhorse of the selection. 7.5” OAL with 1.5” cut length. Other Features include grooved handles for non-slip gripping power. Box joint construction to maintain a well-aligned cutting cation and double leaf spring made of reliable spring steel.





Soft Coral Knife


6” OAL. Round body design making it easy to grasp along with knurling at the fingertip for better stability. The knife head is angled 45 degrees to allow cutting into those hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas. Replaceable surgical quality cutting blades are provided.





Sharp point scissors


6” OAL. With a 2” cut length. All purpose (sharp/sharp) surgical scissors which works great for soft coral and various propagation techniques.







12” OAL. With 45 degree bend and 2” pvc dipped tips. The most versatile of all aquarium tools. All-purpose and works great for feeding coral placement, ect.







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