Nature of longevity restorative balm food additive bee products rejuvenation of body, beauty supplements

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Nature of longevity restorative balm food additive bee products rejuvenation of body, beauty supplements

The composition of the balm includes propolis, which purposefully affects many systems of the body, which helps to restore strength, strengthen the immune system, and as a result, builds the work of the human body properly.

Honey is an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent. It increases the energy level, the vitality of a person and gives strength. It contains a large number of enzymes necessary for the normal digestion of food.

Chaga normalizes the metabolism and nervous system, improves appetite, lowers cholesterol, eliminates pain, and has an anti-cancer effect.

Bee venom in the composition of the balm activates the metabolism and cell renewal, helps to smooth out wrinkles, relieves spasms and pain.

Honeycomb moth helps to improve the quality of sleep, increases immunity and neutralizes the effects of stress. Honeycomb moth strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces the level of cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure.

Among the useful properties of drone milk, it should be noted the strengthening of the immune system, the restoration of physical strength after exertion, past diseases, the restoration of reproductive functions in men and women. It is also known to help restore vision, improve skin and promote tissue regeneration throughout the body.

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More than 60 products and 12 sets of bee products, specially selected for all occasions and suitable for any age. We are proud to say that you have a great opportunity to get a product that combines the experience of several generations of beekeepers.


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