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Milk shake fuumi sticks juice

Creating confectionaries that provide the utmost satisfaction. This is the firm belief that we have inherited since our establishment.

To provide our customers with blissful tastes and relaxing moments. To polish our confectionary-making skills and deliver them with sincerity. This is what we, Mitsutake Seika, have cherished for more than 80 years since our establishment in Kitagata, Takeo City in the early Showa era. These are the beliefs that we at Mitsutake Seika have carefully passed on to our customers.

When summer comes, I remember....
When I think of ice cream, I think of sticks juice , of all things. It has always been a popular item with a variety of vivid colors that occupies a regular position in the freezer. Since its introduction in 1979, it has attracted a lot of attention and buzz, and has maintained its cool, mildly sweet quality. Since the beginning of its sales, we have been focusing on a higher sugar content in order to create a mild mouthfeel when frozen, and have expanded the flavor variations in response to the wishes of our customers, developing a series of fruit juice type and milk type products.
※Available only during the summer months of March to August.

【Milk shake fuumi sticks juice】
Japan Reproduction of the milkshake flavor that originated in Nagasaki Prefecture.The milk flavor and gentle texture are very appealing.
"Oh, this taste! It's so nostalgic! You will be thrilled with the taste. The old-fashioned milkshake flavor is recreated as it is. Freeze it well and enjoy the cold and gentle milk flavor.

1 pack / 63ml x 10 bottles

【Be concerned with】
Mitsutake Seika's stick juice is manufactured with a high sugar content of 14-16 degrees to ensure a sweetness and mild mouthfeel that you will never get tired of. Nowadays, the slightly melted stick juice is transferred to a bowl and topped with fruit, yogurt, or ice cream. Many young people eat it as a sherbet, and it is being enjoyed in a wider variety of styles than ever before.

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Milk shake fuumi
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Mitsutake Confectionery Co.,Ltd.
Our company is located in Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, and we manufacture "sweet beans" (ama-natto), which are sweetened beans of various kinds, and "stick juice", which is a soft drink.

We have obtained JUSE-HACCP2014 certification, which is a quality standard, and we take hygiene control into consideration in our food production.

Our sweet fermented soybean production capacity is over 3 tons/day, making us one of the top producers in Japan.

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