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Product Overview


Products Description

An atopy and allergy supplement for dogs.

Made in Japan, with high quality and high reliability.
This product earns high customer satisfaction and promises repeated purchases.


An original fermented powder supplement for skin and allergies.
Improves the gut microbiome and neutralizes toxic substances in the body.

Recommended for dogs prescribed steroids by veterinarians.
This product is highly effective, so it is more affordable than going to the vet and easy to continue using.

This product has earned acclaim through word of mouth, without advertising.

Made with all-natural materials, it can be used worry-free in households with babies and expectant mothers.

Recommended for the following dog symptoms

• Atopic dermatitis
• Allergies
• Tear stains
• Wound scratching
• Pyoderma
• Ear infections
• Fur loss, coat gloss
• Pigmentation

How to use

How to administer
Small: 1/2 a bag with each meal
Medium: 1 bag with each meal
Large: 2 bags with each meal
*For dogs with severe symptoms, giving a higher dose is recommended.

OEM and Customization

・ Contact us for information on samples.
・ Labels can be customized so the product can be sold as an original brand. Starting at 100 or more
(please provide data)

Past case examples

1. When I was administering steroids prescribed by my vet for atopic dermatitis, the skin on my dog's stomach turned black. When I switched to antihistamines, it got even worse.
When I stopped giving the medication, switched to home made food, and gave Probio CA with every meal, the symptoms improved. There is still itchiness, but the black stains have completely disappeared and my dog seems to be recovering.

2. Allergies were giving my dog severe eye mucus and facial sores, and he was not very happy. His appetite was also decreasing, but his symptoms started to improve around 1 month after I starting giving him Probio CA with his food.
His appetite has returned, and the eye mucus and facial sores have improved. His coat is also glossier, and grooming is a possibility now.

3. My dog was suffering with allergy-like symptoms around his collar and also had something like skin sores, but the symptoms improved when I started giving him this supplement with every meal.
The sores improved after 1 month, and after 2 months his coat got thicker.


Company Profile

Amana grace co.,Ltd.

Comprehensively protecting pet health, from the intestinal environment to bad breath and dental care.

We make products that treat the illnesses of family pets and support their health. All of our products use only materials that are safe even if a baby puts it in their mouth, and they relieve illnesses from the intestines outward. We manufacture and sell products for atopic dermatitis and allergies, etc., and they are also widely carried by veterinary hospitals in Japan.
We manufacture and sell products for atopic dermatitis and allergies, etc., and they are also widely carried by veterinary hospitals in Japan.

• Rated No.1 on Japan's top 3 internet shopping sites (Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo)!
*In the pet tooth cleaning, oral care, and dental care category Probio mist has excellent online reviews
• Treats atopic dermatitis and allergies from the intestines outward! Probio CA Probio CA+
• This cat supplement treats feline acidophilic granuloma and allergies, etc., for which there are few medicines Probio CAT

We carry unique products.
We do a large amount of business with veterinary hospitals, and our products are widely approved by veterinarians.

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