Liquid Corn Syrup Food Grade

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High Fructose Syrup is derived from high quality corn starch through hydrolysis by enzyme preparation,reaction by isomerase,refining,the content of fructose is more than 42%.For human health, it is one of nutrition supplements and can be absorbed easily. It is also with better taste than sucrose,high osmosis and can maintain moisture well. Today,high fructose syrup has taken the place of sucrose and been widely used in many industries such as beverage,frozen food,dairy products,baking food,ratafee,jelly,flavoring etc.


DescriptionViscous and transparent liquid ,no impurity by naked eyes
Dry Solid77.0% min
Fructose Content55.0% min
Fructose and Dextrose Content92.0% min
PH Value3.3-4.5
Transparency96.0% max
Sulphate Ash0.05% max
Pb0.5mg/kg max
As1.0mg/kg max
SO20.04mg/kg max
Bacteria Population3000cfu/g max
Coliform Bacilli30pcs/100g max
PathogenNo detected


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