Foliar/Drip Applicable 100% Organic Protein-Rich Nitrogen Fertilizer from Top Listed Exporter

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Foliar/Drip Applicable 100% Organic Protein-Rich Nitrogen Fertilizer from Top Listed Exporter 


Product Types:
1. Alga
2. Bacteria Cultivation
3. Plant Extracting and Organic Formulations
4. Algae-Based Liquid Plant Nutrition Supplements

16% Fast Release Souble Powder Nitrogen:
Purity:   16% Nitrogen  without NH3 or NH4 100% ORGANIC
State: 100% soluble powder
Release Type: Fast
Organic certificated: WSDA/ USA, Sohicert/Ecocert

Ferticell- Plant Nitrogen 13-0-0
Are you using all four forms of Nitrogen in your current fertility program? Most everyone understands the first three forms of Nitrogen  ammoniacal and urea. The most misunderstood form of Nitrogen, and the most vital, is protein Nitrogen. It is essential to rotate or balance all four forms of Nitrogen in a successful fertility program.

Why Use a Protein Nitrogen?
Incorporating a protein Nitrogen during high stress periods is the safest way to continue healthy growth, even during stressful times for the crop. Protein Nitrogen
will never build up or become toxic in soils as synthetic Nitrogen has done in the past. It will also not leach from your soils, which has caused the problems with ground
water contamination we see today. With protein Nitrogen, even in cool periods and warm periods, the release curve remains predictable. Ammoniacal forms of Nitrogen
become fairly risky during high temperatures, and nitrate forms of Nitrogen become unreliable in their conversions during cool temperatures. Protein Nitrogen does not
contain any of these risk or limiting factors typically associated with conventional forms of Nitrogen.
Ferticell Explorer Protein Nitrogen is naturally extracted through a proprietary enzyme reacted soy into a hydrolyzed dry soluble protein powder with a guarantee of


16% active protein nitrogen component. Soybean, a Nitrogen-fixing legume, do not require any conventional Nitrogen inputs, making it the ideal source for a clean, natural, Nitrogen product. The enzyme hydrolysis process produces a smaller particle size making the product 100% water soluble.

• 16% Protein Nitrogen content 100% ORGANIC
• Contains min 40% carbon
• 100% Water soluble
• Will not leach from most soils
• Naturally adheres to leaf surfaces, food crops can be immediately harvested with
no restrictions
• Compatible with all conventional Nitrogen sources and most fertilizers
• Enzyme hydrolysis process produces smaller size, water-soluble Nitrogen
containing compounds of protein, peptides, and amino acids
• Contains the essential plant extracted amino acids
• Stable in normal environmental temperatures and requires no special handling

• Reliable release curve in all environmental conditions
• Reduced fossil-fuel based Nitrogen inputs
• Reduced carbon footprint for a farming organization
• Natural product with no environmental impact
• User friendly, safe for employees to handle
• High carbon content makes excellent food source for soil biology
• No risk for tip burn normally associated with nitrates or volitilization of

Suggested Use Considerations:
• Blend with conventional nitrogen to lower total N requirements
• Stand alone product for use under high temperatures and environmental stress
• Reduced requirements for additional plant stimulants or hormones
• Explorer protein will reduce the demand for fossil fuel-produced fertilizers and
support environmentally sound statements for consumer 5-10L/ha



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 CAS No. 7727-37-9
 Other Names hydrolysed protein nitrogen
 MF N2
 EINECS No. 231-783-9
 Place of Origin Spain
 Release Type Quick
 State Powder
 Purity 16%
 Application Foliar/Drip
 Brand Name OEM
 Model Number Nitrogen
 Organic certificated WSDA/ USA, Sohicert/Ecocert
 Feature Soluble
 Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms
 Port Malaga
 Packaging Details 20 kg bags
 Delivery Time 2 or 3 weeks Ex works
 Payment Terms L/C,T/T
 Supply Ability 600 Ton/Tons per Month



What is Ferticell?



Ferticell is a unique product with breakthrough technology that is made of 16 unicellular algae and bacteria types that penetrate into the leaf instantaneously. Additionally it stabilizes the auxins and cytokinins inside the plant which is important for the plant growth and producing a homogenouse crop.


Ferticell is 100% all natural and we recommend using Ferticell with any fertilization program to obtain a superior crop, a more homogeneous product, and better size and sale price.







Company Profile

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Agroplasma Spain (Manufacturing plant/lab) was started in early 1983. The company specialized in alga, bacteria cultivation, plant extracting and organic formulations and algae-based liquid plant nutrition supplements. The company developed the technology known with the name I.C.E. Inter cellular exchange, transferring nutrients from bacteria cell to plant cells stimulating plant grow and plant ability to absorb more nutrients from the soil using less energy.

Our products brand name is FERTICELL, and our products are today distributed in USA, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Turkey, South America, Asia, Europe and some countries in Africa.

We also formulate special products according to customers request, both organic and inorganic.

Agroplasma SL Spain has more than 25 Years of experience in the agricultural sector, developing products for soil improvement, desalination, and decontamination of soils.

At the present time our focus has been on the manufacturing and distribution of high quality products and effectiveness for ecological and conventional agriculture, gardening, and environmental health while obtaining international certificates.

Our research and development focus is on the creation of organic fertilizers, row materials and organic correctors. The products are based on different types of unicellular algae, bacteria, and natural extracts of plants grass, seeds, and minerals. We incorporate the latest technologies available within the disciplines of microbiology, chemistry, and industrial processing.

Agroplasma Spain is a company that has been adopting to the changes created by new discovery in order to manage a competitive organization that allows us to create a wide selection of products to meet our client's current and future needs.

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