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Kiridashi Kombu (Kombu kelp)
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1.Konbu kelp is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine.
2.Konbu kelp is synonymous with the concept of UMAMI, excellent flavor.
3.Konbu kelp is rich in minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers and iodine.

Konbu kelp is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine.

Like wine, the quality and flavor differs by the variety, region and climate.
Makonbu is the most popular variety which produces clear stock with rich aroma and refined sweetness.

More than 90% of Konbu kelp production comes from Hokkaido, and Shirokuchi-hama region, southwest shore of Hokkaido, is known to produces the best quality Makonbu.

Among the many species, MaKonbu is known as the king of kelp because of its fragrant bouquet and its ability to produce crystal clear, mellow sweet, rich and refined stock.

About 1300 years ago, the Konbu kelp which is the product of the North Sea is written in old Japanese literature.
800 years ago, the development of Hokkaido advanced, the Konbu kelp has become an important trade item. Konbu kelp spread over the years while melting into the food culture of various places over the years.
Dr. Ikeda Tokyo Imperial University succeeded in removing glutamic acid from Konbu kelp in 1908. He discovered that glutamic acid is the main ingredient of Konbu kelp soup and named its taste UMAMI.

Konbu kelp is synonymous with the concept of UMAMI, excellent flavor. MaKonbu’s power is not limited to providing excellent flavor to prepared dishes.
Konbu kelp is rich in minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers and iodine. Scientific studies show that Konbu kelp contains chemicals that can fight against high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even some forms of cancer.

Obtained JAS certification for "extra-high-quality bonito shavings." Obtained HACCP certification for
"all-purpose bonito shavings." Obtained vegan certification for "UMAMI stock (vegetable)"
and "ingredient seasoning stock (vegetable)."

At the main factory in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, we carefully and thoroughly carry out pre-treatments to bring out the flavor of the ingredients such as far-infrared rays and heating processes using jet ovens. The factory is equipped with laboratories in which soup stocks are lined up for tasting in each production lot, and an environment in which sensory evaluations can be carried out at any time has is available. Similar to the elaborate classification before the extraction, after the extraction, each soup stock is checked by an artisan for quality. The bonito shavings line has been HACCP-certified. The Shimoda factory below Sanjo is situated on a hill surrounded by forests and manufactures liquid products made with high-quality soft water from Ikasashi River's drainage system.
At the in-house laboratory, scientific analyses of all soup stocks are conducted every day. Analyses quantifying nutritional information, etc. using cutting-edge equipment are conducted and verified from a scientific point of view. Also, we are working in all departments for an early obtainment of FSSC22000.

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