Japanese hojicha aroma relaxing effect extract roasted green tea

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"Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea)"
"Bo-Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea Twigs)" 

Green tea roasted at a high temperature to bring out its aroma.
As it cleanses the palate, it is popular as an after-meal tea.
Besides being low in caffeine and tannin, it also has a relaxing effect.

Tea Selection Guide 

Astringency: Light★☆☆☆☆Heavy
Sweetness: Weak★★★☆☆Strong
Aroma: Weak★★★★☆Strong
Color: Light★★☆☆☆Dark 

How to make a delicious cup of tea
① Insert tea leaves (15g for 5 cups) into teapot.
② Pour hot water into the teapot and wait for 30 seconds.                                                                                                         
③ Pour a small amount at a time into each teacup. The trick to getting the best flavor is to pour until the last drop.

Koga Seicha Honpo was founded in 1819.

HACCP certified; Organic JAS certified; Kosher certified. Since Costco's expansion into Japan (1999), our products have been placed at all of their stores across the country.
OEM, customization, small lot samples possible

Product name
Hojicha(Roasted Green Tea)
Brand Name
Japanese GreenTea
Place of Origin

Company Profile

At Koga Seicha Honpo, our craftsmen carefully examine and select tea leaves with an unerring eye and roast them in our factory every day. We apply the most suitable methods to roast the fresh tea leaves and bring out their richness and fragrance, using artisanal skills that have been cultivated since our founding more than 200 years ago. We are particular about the roasting time, temperature, and humidity. We also aim to maintain a consisten supply of our tea bag products. By combining the artisanal skills passed down since our founding in 1819 with modern machinery, we are able to provide delicious, high quality tea consistently. In order to allow people from all over the world to drink our delicious Yamecha tea, as well as other regional Japanese teas, at Koga Seicha Honpo we have careful hygiene management and have obtained several international certifications. In answer to the growing demand for organic foods, we acquired Organic JAS Certification; to provide products safe for Jewish people, we have Kosher Certification; and in November 2017, we obtained HACCP Certification, which is evidence of high quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Yamecha and other Japanese green teas have established their popularity around the world as a specialty product of which Japan can be proud. We at Koga Seicha Honpo will continue to strive for ever higher quality control and hygiene management to provide safe, consistent Yamecha to our customers in the future.

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