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Sunflower Oil
Sunflower oil is a non-volatile oil that can be easily extracted from sunflowers. Although most people are already familiar with sunflowers, they don’t immediately think of sunflowers as sources of an extremely healthy vegetable oil that can replace some of the less healthy cooking oils available on the market. Sunflower oil is also used in certain cosmetic applications. The main producers of sunflower oil are Ukraine, Russia and Argentina, but it is used throughout the world in the preparation of various cuisines.



Sunflower Oil Nutrition
One of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of sunflower oil is its impressive fatty acid content, which includes palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, lecithin, carotenoids, selenium, and linoleic acid.The combination of fatty acids in the body are extremely important to maintain various elements of human health, and sunflower oil can help maintain that balance.



Refined Sunflower Oil


 Actual Value

 Color Number, Mg Lodi



 Acide Value. Mg

 < 0.60


 Peroxide Value, 1⁄2 0 Millimole/ Kg



 Moisture And Volatile Matter,%



 Density ratio for oil at 20°c temp



 Refractive index at 40°



 Flash Point, °c



 Lodine Value



 Unsoaping materials






 Saponification value, gm



 Shelf Life


 24 Months


 High Quality Refined Sun Flower Oil 100% /  Refined Sunflower OilHigh Quality Refined Sun Flower Oil 100% /  Refined Sunflower OilHigh Quality Refined Sun Flower Oil 100% /  Refined Sunflower Oil


1. We source sunflower seeds from thousands of farmers in United Kingdom and Turkey mostly at the farm gate and crush them at our nine plants in Ukraine , which are spread across the sunflower belt within the direct proximity of the feedstock. Producing about 7-8% of the world’s sunflower oil, we sell it mostly in bulk to all major importing markets, including India, the EU, Egypt and Turkey. Our crushing capacity stands at 3.5 million tons of sunflower seed per year, equivalent to 1.5 million tons per year of bulk sunflower oil and about 1.4million tons of sunflower meal.

2. Sunflower is the most popular oilseed grown in United Kingdom, with about five million hectares sown. For most farmers, sunflower is their most profitable crop. Sunflower also has advantages for processing closer to the farmer rather than to the consumer. The low density of sunflower seed compared to rapeseed and soybean increases the comparable transportation costs for sunflower seed. As a result, 90% of the global trade tonnage in sunflower seed and oil products consists of oil and meal, while only 10% is in seed form, according to the USDA. On the contrary, rapeseed and soybean crushing is done mainly at the customer market: almost two-thirds of global trade in tonnage in both oil crops was done in seed form, according to the USDA.


3. The majority of our sunflower oil production plants use energy produced from sunflower hulls, a waste obtained during seed crushing, which eliminates the consumption of natural gas. Around 140 thousand tons per year of equivalent CO2 emissions are saved at our plants and this figure reaches 340 thousand tons if pelletized husks sold to third parties are taken into account

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 High Quality Refined Sun Flower Oil 100% /  Refined Sunflower OilHigh Quality Refined Sun Flower Oil 100% /  Refined Sunflower Oil

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