explosive beads thick and fine smoke menthol cigarette filter capsules tubes flavor crush balls for cigarettes

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Apple smell cigarettes ball capsule machine activated carbon filter smoking bead burst pusher storage box

Polymer fiber filter harmful substances in cigarettes, built-in capsule to enhance the variety of flavors of cigarettes.

Safety:100% food grade
Flavors:More than 75 Flavors and accept customization
Packing:Customized packaging according to your needs

Eliminate Halitosis: Our all capsules are more effective and will wipe out halitosis at a great value and also resist to produce bad smell in mouth. By using our capsules, your traditional smoking will turn to an amazing & fresh feeling.

Easy Use: It is quite simple and easy to install crush capsules inside the filters of cigarettes. There is a stick in pack which
will make easy your installation. Make a hole with stick in filter place small bead filled with delicious flavors and then press
again use sticks to insert bead inside.

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Directions for use

1. Slowly pour the fragrant pearls into the top of the pearl box and place them in the entrance.
2. Take out the normal cigarette without preembedded scented pearls, insert it into the lower hole and gently press it into the filling channel.
3. Insert the normal cigarettes that have completed the filling channel into the lower left hole, and the filling rod will gently
push the fragrant pearls into the filling channel.
4. Hold the cigarette in one hand and press the pearl rod with the other hand to implant the fragrant pearls into the mouthpiece.
Squeeze the explosive incense beads together. The ignition is complete and the fragrant pearl turns into smoke in seconds

Factory Production


Product Name
Burst Beads Filter Cigarette Holder
1.5-5mm (hot sale:2.8mm-3.3mm)
Fresh breath, fresh and refreshing, remove bad breath
Reduce the smell of smoking and increase the fun of smoking.
We have 75 flavors and support customized flavors
Pure natural in food grade
100 balls/small box, 20 boxes/big box and customize
We would like to provide samples with you

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