Product Overview




  • What we do.
    We are a marketing company and representing many top companies from around the world.We also produces our own range of high quality products under own brand names.Apart from this we also do,Tomato Ketchup,Mayonise,Salad Creams,White cooking Oats, 1121 Basmati Sella rice, Pure Indian basmati rice,White Rice from Thailand,Indian Biscuits,Indian Spices and Pulses.

  • Our Ethos
    Our ethos is "We do not succeed if our customer do not succeed" We never take advantage of our partners as we know we are running a business and in business if people cannot trust us they will not work with us for long.
    We wish to work with one partner in one country, where applicable, as long as the partner is serious in developing a meaningful business.
    At present we are exporting to over 90 countries with staggering results. Our products are made to the highest quality and once introduced to any market, they get established very quickly.  Our partners say that they made the right decision in choosing to work with us.
    Business is very simple if we follow a simple philosophy of giving customers quality products at prices that are right. Why should customers shop elsewhere?

  • How to Order:
    We need to know the Brand Name and Pack Size together with the Quantity you require and we will do the rest.
    Please note that 22 pallets make up a 1x20' container and you are able to mix the load.  For ease you should order in pallet loads, eg.half pallets, 1 pallet, 5 pallets etc. Once the total is 22 pallets, you have a container load. 40' containers are suitable if you order is for bulky and lightweight goods like Biscuits, Cereals, Toilet Rolls, and Tea etc. Approx. 44 pallets in a 40' normal and 50 pallets in a 40' High Cube container
    We will then send you a proforma invoice for approval or amendment and once you are happy we will proceed to the next step.

  • Payment:
    Please send 50% deposit together with your order and we will load your container accordingly.  Once the container is loaded we will send you the final load list together with the final invoice so that you can pay the balance.  Full payment needs to be made before the release of bills of lading.
    When paying please ensure that your company name is mentioned on the bank transfer slip so that we can easily allocate the funds to your account

  • Shipping:
    We will quote you Freight cost once you let us know whether you need 20' or 40' container and the port of discharge.
    Best Regards
    Bify Varghese
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