Product Overview


At place of paper or other materials, our paraffin foil / wax-foil for copying forms.

Suitable dimensions profiles are cut out for the plastics from the clear paraffin plates.

These profiles are warmed up with approx. 30 c ° in a water-bath, by hand or by means of blow-drying. Afterwards in the outside of the plastic invested.

After solidifying of the paraffin it is cut off at the suitable places.

The design can be taped by means of a water resistant pencil upon the paraffin surface directly.

The numb profile is taken by the plastic and is brought after renewed warming up to the level surface.

The special and essentials in this copying technology is:
> high exactness
> saving of time
> cost savings
> recycleability by us
The paraffin corresponds to the high-class management system German Institute for Standardization ISO 9001.

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