New magnetic fuel saver power saver energy saver for car

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Our fuel saving gas and oil is now the newest generation of fuel-economizing device, the technology is originates from US, but resached and developed by the Chinese great development company this high tech energy conservation product (declaration by national monopoly) to be supposed the saving gas and oil core component to be the neodymium superconductor magnetic frequency resonator, it is by the radiation, the power, the soft ion induces, Gauss, the coercitive force, confesses the energy, resonates  which compose the spectrum.

This devise has been tested and rroven to have 28% of saving in gas and oil consunption. Practically effective,  reliable, and is a province! Where by  uses by all fuel oil power engines, like gasoline motorcar diesel car and motorcycle, tractor and so on. Burns the oil stream to produce the strong magnetism nucleus after the trunnion mounting abundant Shi saving gas and oil intake pipe to resonate, causes the oil molecular structure to have the change, create fuel oil burning, to achieve gas and oil 10-28%, saving enhances more power by 20%, reduces the polluted exhaust to 45 -55%, eliminates the carbon deposit, lengthens the cylinder life. It is advise that the new vehicle, to install saving gas and oil early, so that can preventt produces, both may make the oil consumption little to increase, and may lengthen the life time

The quality is reliablewith 8 year effectiveness.The performance is stable, the travel security, only needs for 0.5 second then to start, installs when does not change the vehicles any structure.

Installation: First inspects the engine whether normal, the engine normal effect only then is remarkable. Then the bamboo raft spark sieves, replace machine oil, on carburetor vehicle where carburetor first 2 -3 centimeters from intake pipes. Where does the electricity spurt on the vehicle bean first 3-5 centimeter about intake pipe, before the installation should the battery cathode separation, and opens completely using electricity electric discharge, in order to allow microprocessor reestablishes, after connected And repeat the above again. The diesel car With the installation sprays on the oil pump first 3-5 centimeters intake pipes, above 2.0 displacements vehicles best install two. The diplomatic agent oil is far away from the exhaust pipe and so on to give out heat as far as possible. Two saving gas and oil may be neighboring or in 5 centimeters, the installation direction should have 90 angles (a side). Gathers the saving gas and oil two petals in the drill tubing outer wall with bundles the bandage to grip tightly. (Auspicious sees installation diagram


Adjustment If there is not effecfively saving gas and oil to the bean, spray the oil pump, the carburetor direction moves, is then difficult to start when showing the strength oversized, then move to the reversed direction, the electricity spurts the vehicle on the shuttle, avoids the microprocessor.



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