MF-50B24R/L Maintenance Free Calcium Battery

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Product Overview


It is an honor to inform you that we are a leading manufacturer and exporters of Automotive Batteries in Pakistan. Our established brands “VOLTA” & “OSAKA” are enjoying a leading market place in our country both in terms of quantity & quality, customers trust in our brand is our success and guaranty of our product quality.


Furthermore, we are exporting our batteries to more than 15 countries of the world including: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Nepal, Dubai, Yemen, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India, Madagascar, Singapore & Togo.


Our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facility is equipped with the state of the art machinery and testing labs under the supervision of highly technical, experienced and skilled professionals to ensure optimum quality of our product. It is appropriate to mention here that we have been awarded “Exports Award’ by Federation of Pakistan chamber of commerce and Industry (FPCCI) from the last 10 consecutive years for best exporter of Automotive Batteries in Pakistan. We also have the Facility to make Customized Brands (Private Label) for our valued customers.


Our product range includes:

  • Lead acid dry charged battery (JIS Standard)            32 to 200 AH
  • Lead acid dry charged battery (DIN Standard)          44 to 92 AH
  • Inverter (UPS) battery                                                 80 t0 150 AH
  • Maintenance Free (MF) battery                                  35 to 150 AH
  • Motorcycle battery                                                      3.5 to 9 AH  
  • VRLA battery (FMX series)                                       100 AH & 150 AH
  • VRLA battery (GFM series)                                      80 AH & 100 AH


BatteryContainerCapacityCCA             -18 CRCTDryDimension (mm)TerminalBattery
TypesSize20 HrMINWt. Kg (approx)LWHTypeLayout
For Passengers Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles
12GEN MR30 LNS4020****5.10195127200A0
12GEN MR30 R20****5.10195127200A1
12GEN MR35 L26**** 195127200A0
12GEN MR35 R26**** 195127200A1
38B20 LNS4032243477.15195127200A0
38B20 R32243477.15195127200A1
42B20 L38243477.50195127200A0
42B20 R38243477.50195127200A1
44B20 L42274528.50195127200A0
44B20 R42274528.50195127200A1
46B24 LN4042238578.60232132202A/B0
46B24 R42238578.60232132202A/B1
55B24 L45325719.40232132202A/B0
55B24 R45325719.40232132202A/B1
75D26 LN50502788110.30257168202B0
75D26 R502788110.30257168202B1
80D26 L6035610111.95257168202B0
80D26 R6035610111.95257168202B1
NS90 LN 506541311313.90257168202B0
NS90 R6541311313.90257168202B1
95 D 31 LN706535610112.80302170203B0
95 D 31 R6535610112.80302170203B1
105 D 31 L7035610113.60302170203B0
105 D 31 R7035610113.60302170203B1
V100Z LN 707544713715.50302170203B0
V100Z R7544713715.50302170203B1
For Heavy Duty & UPS Requirement
T120 L6 x 159051218017.00367170202B0
T120 R9051218017.00367170202B1
N130 L10051218218.80367170202B0
N 130 R10051218218.80367170202B1
115E 41 LN10010551218219.00405172208B0
115E 41 R10551218219.00405172208B1
130E 41 L11551218220.40405172208B0
130E 41 R11551218220.40405172208B1
115 F 51 LN12012063822823.40500178210B0
115 F 51 R12063822823.40500178210B1
145 F 51 L13071026025.40500178210B0
145 F 51 R13071026025.40500178210B1
145 G 51 LN15015071026026.20502218210B0
145 G 51 R15071026026.20502218210B1
165 G 51 L17087440527.60502218210B0
165 G 51 R17087440527.60502218210B1
195 G 51 L17592442129.70502218210B0
195 G 51 R17592442129.70502218210B1
190 H 52 LN20020094687434.60515274212B0
190 H 52 R20094687434.60515274212B1
245 H 52 L220100092436.40515274212B0
245 H 52 R 220100092436.40515274212B1
6TN L6TN10046217021.20280265200B0
6TN R6TN10046217021.20280265200B1

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