Product Overview


Organic Cacao Nibs made from World's Highest Quality Heirloom Ecuadorian Nacional (Arriba) beans from mature trees. Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. Eco friendly sustainably produced in harmony with natural forest environment. Direct from Ecuadorian master indigenous growers cooperative. Quality of the product: Absolute Highest Quality Mature product, harvested by hand at the origin of the production area in Ecuador by master growers, fermented in boxes and dried in tents. Very fine and aromatic, full flavored, excellent in raw form and great for making chocolate and other cacao related products. More about the company and products we sell. Superfood, Inc. a Delaware corporation sells and distributes organic Ecuadorian Nacional (Arriba) Cacao as whole beans, nibs, powder, liquor, paste and butter. We also provide high quality chocolate bars made by chocolate masters in Ecuador. Naturally, we can provide high concentration cacao chocolate bars (70% and higher). All products can be branded with your brand or Superfood. All at very competitive pricing. Products can be purchased in any reasonable quantities. Pricing is dependent on order size or volume over time. All products sold FOB Guayaquil, Ecuador. We can handle shipping for you if you like. Cacao is organic and rainforest alliance certified and grown in harmony with the rainforest environment. Fair trade practices respected and followed. Superfood buys directly from growers cooperatives so cacao is very fresh (literally straight from the trees) and the proceeds flow directly to the growers who are making a living and providing for their families with this sustainable, carbon reducing, agricultural based, social economic system.



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