Прямозубая шестирня P1.18 титановая рама для велосипеда с 18 скоростей внутренней коробкой передач каретка

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Product Overview



Pinion P1.18 Gearbox frame with Titanium bicycle 


Product Description



The frame pictures display

pinion gear bridge




 Flange dropout




 1-1/8 integated   headtubes



The benefits of the Pinon P1.18 gear system:-


18 gears evenly spaced with steps of 11.5%


An overall gear ratio of 636%, which is more than a derailleur, hub or other gear systems


Lightning fast shifting of any number of gears in any situation Ride hard without any worries.


The rigged housing protects the gearbox from dirt and damage Extremely low maintenance.


The transmission operates in an oil bath (using biodegradable oil) and is designed for at least 60,000kms.


Oil change every 10,000kms. Optimal weight distribution. The low center of gravity and light rear wheel improves handling, suspension and dynamics.

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Packaging & Shipping

  carbon box with opp bags for 2pcs titanium bike frame2.jpg



  1 Q:What is frame appearance I can choose  ?
A:Both sandblast and  brush finish available
2 Q:Can I ask a custom frame or components?
A:Welcome  anytime 
3 Q:What is the  warranty of Waltly Ti frame?
A:We offer lifetime warranty for frames with condition.more detail please ask our sales
4 Q:What is delivery method I can choose ?
A:EMS & DHL or by your request
5 Q: What is the production period of Waltly Titanium frame?
A: Within 35-45 days after the order confirm with 30% advance payment
6:Q:What is payment method I can choose ?
A: Both PAYPAL and wire transfer acceptable.



-Why Titanium?


1. Last forever 


 ---5 times of lifespan than steel or aluminum steel. Titanium is anti-corrosion from acid,damp,ultraviolet rays even though it is exposed in the air for a long time without any paint. You can put it anywhere as you wish, and don't have to worry.


2. Light weight

 ---Titanium's density is half of steel, which means one titanium frame's weight is half than one steel frame with the same size


3. High Stiffness

 ---Stiffness or rigidity is a important term when we evaluate frame's quality. High stiffness is another word of high pedaling efficiency. Titanium’s stiffness is 28.4% higher than CrMo steel. Titanium frame would make most useful of your pedaling power.  


4. Impact absorption

 ---Titanium frame could absorb impact efficiently from ground when your are pedalling.This would reduce athlete's fatigue, and make them feel more relaxed, especially when they are in a tense cycle competition.


If you are a cyclist, a titanium bike would be your best choice. 


 5. Fatigue resistance and Anti-wear

 ---Not like steel, titanium’s property makes it anti-wear and anti-fatigue features. Titanium frame would not break in suddenly, while there will be pre-indication of flaws on the frame surface to warn that a breakage may happen. This avoids accident injury n some way.



-Why Waltly?


> Professional and Fully experience technicist since 1990s'


> Impeccable Project Development Management 


> Completely indoor check system


> Lifetime warranty with regular after sale service follows up.


> Competitive pricing & Clocklike delivery time



-What Waltly use?

(1)Ti-3AL/2.5V---Seamless Double Butted Tubing

 3AL/2.5(3%Al, 2.5%V, and 94.5% Ti) titanium tubing is the best grade material-Grade9.

 It has features of high point of yield strength and good ductility and be well made for welding.

 Each waltly frame made by 3AL/2.5V for main structure.


 6AL/4V has some features as 3AL/2.5; it is more rigid but not own good formability.

 We use 6AL/4V for cable guides and other small parts



Our Services

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Waltly Titanium Tube machining progress

Waltly Tubing progress.jpg


Waltly Titanium frame alignment table

Waltly frame aligenment table.jpg


 Not just to differentiate ourselves from the pack, but to ensure that we live up to our promise of bringing you the most innovative and forward-thinking bicycle  solutions.





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