Product Overview


What is Dotty?
Dotty is a creamy, slightly sweetened organic curd cheese bar wrapped in smooth dark chocolate.

It is produced according to a Canadian license on the highest quality standards.

There are three different flavors:

  • Natural (with a hint of lemon)
  • Strawberry (with sweet creamy strawberry filling)
  • Apricot (with sweet creamy apricot filling)

Is it a chocolate bar? Is it a dairy product?
It’s actually both. Dotty is made from high quality fresh organic curd cheese.
The nutrients in milk products provide numerous health benefits. They aid normal growth and keep the body functioning properly while helping prevent certain diseases.
Milk products are an important part of a healthy diet and are one of the four main food groups in Canada's Food Guide. “Dotty" is a high quality nourishment with several essential ingredients and contain Calcium that aids in the formation and maintenance of strong bones and healthy teeth.

Dotty is also made with dark chocolate which studies show is good for the heart!

It’s a really unique delicacy!

Have a Dotty!
Whether you’re feeling tired or in a hurry…….have a “Dotty"!
Skipped a meal or just need a healthy snack?......have a “Dotty"!
You’d like an organic snack?.......have a “Dotty"!
Are you looking for a gluten free snack?.......have a “Dotty"!

Where can I buy Dotty?
“Dotty" is coming to stores near you!

Where do I keep the Dotty?
“Dotty" is best kept in the fridge if it will be consumed within days of purchase or in the freezer to keep it’s freshness for a longer period of time.


We are looking for international distributors for our product!

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