HSS M2 df240mm m2~m4.5 plunge radial gear shaving cutter

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Product Overview


HSS df 240mm df180mm m2~m4.5 plunge gear shaver shaving tool




lIt can shave pinion of a pair of gear or many pair of gear on the same mandrel between intervals of 4-5mm.


lIt can shave modified tooth and reduce any noise of gearing . The modified output can be controlled within 5-15um


lThe surface roughness Ra 0.4-0.8um can be obtained for tooth surface of gear.


lThe plunge shaving can work a times higher than the common shaving.











Gear shaving cutter is kind of finishing tool for cutting straight teeth and helical teeth involute cylindrical gears.


Material Introduction:


A. W6Mo5Cr4V2 (GB)  M2( ASTM), S6-5-2(DIN), SKH51(JIS)
   chemical composition
:C 0.85, Si 0.38, Mn 0.35, P≤0.030, S≤0.030,  Cr 4.10, W 6.00, Mo 4.80 V 1.85
   main application
:It is widely used for making all kinds of cutters and durability cold-work die


B. W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5 (GB), M35( ASTM), 1.3243(DIN), SKH55(JIS)
   chemical composition
: C 0.93, Si 0.38, Mn 0.35, P≤0.030, S≤0.030, Cr 4.10, W 6.30, Mo 4.80 V 1.85, Co 5.00
   main application
:It is often used for making blades with  high-speed and great cutting difficulty as it’s good abrasive resistance








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