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Absinth 85 Black Edition - High exlusive absinthe

Absinth 85 Black Edition from Abtshof, the market leader in absinthe in Germany is a very high quality and noble absinthe with the highest standards. In celebration of the 85th Anniversary of the specialty distillery, the company worked over years on a strictly limited edition high-premium absinthe for upscale restaurants and special collector. In house manufacturing is the Absinthe 85 "Black Edition" equipped with exquisite craftsmanship, and with its high alcohol content and its delicate flavor is a novelty in the area of absinthe. Each bottle is unique and is numbered by hand.

This product is made from top quality materials and has made the fine herbaceous aroma of a Swiss herbal combination, balanced with delicate bitterness of vermouth garnished by anise, fennel and a hint of caramel.

A five-time distilled alcohol and purest water from a glacier give this premium product a noble soft character. The Black Edition has an alcoholic content of 85% vol and is presented in a decorative packaging made from thin sheet. In addition to the beautifully designed bottle with embossed label contains the sheet covering a product description and a small jewelry magnetic shield with embossing.

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