Solaris 2 Roulette wheel

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Roulette wheel

ALTAIR and SOLARS, our roulette wheel families are made in Europe to exacting industrial tolerances and highest standards. We don't cut corners and don't compromise on quality, and the result is obvious: a wheel that serves the operator for many years, spins smoothly and is unbiased, random and secure.

Entirely hand-built, we use only highest-grade materials and parts to reduce maintenance requirements and ensure a unique and beautiful appearance on your roulette tables: a true masterpiece.

All our wheels are available in an extensive range of colours, veneers and finishes, and can also be fully customized with any image or casino logo. We offer two standard-turets: SOLARIS, for a more classic look, and ALTAIR for the contemporary-minded operator. However, any turret shape is possible. All metals parts are made of non-magnetic metal on an aluminium basis, the turret and ribs are chrome-plated brass with optional gold-plating.

All our wheels have a CORIAN ball-track for a smooth ball-spin.

We offer also French Wheels, as well as automated Roulette Wheels.

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