Product Overview


It is a type of mineral wool obtained by mixing such rocks as basalt, diabase and dolomite with bakalite and exposing to special procedures after melting and spraying them.


Why rockwool ?

Yielding wonderful results also in sound insulation applications in addition to heat insulation applications, rockwool became widespread as a factor both increasing life comfort and enabling energy saving when users became more conscious and regulations were elevated. Making your buildings strong against fires thanks to its fire resistance, rockwool is offered in many different types.

Application Areas


  • Roof Blanket which can be used in unused roof spaces, sandwich roofs, all horizontal applications carrying no loads,
  • Rockwool suspended roof plates used in suspended roof solutions,
  • Rafter blankets with aluminum folio used in rafter areas of used roof spaces,
  • Bare or twisted plates used in walking and non-walking terrace roofs for sound and heat insulation purposes,
  • Floating floor panels used on building grounds and in storey spaces for heat and sound insulation purposes as well as being used for impact sound insulation under the bases of vibrating devices
  • Partition plates used for sound insulation in light partition walls while being used for sound and heat insulation in the interior insulation of external walls,
  • Facing plates one face of which is coated with aluminum folio or fiberglass and used for heat, sound, fire insulation purposes in granite, glass and aluminum curtain wall systems,
  • Various dense insulation plates used in different details of building insulations,
  • Industrial plates resistant to high temperatures which are used for the insulation of plane areas at high temperatures, fire sections and elevator channels,
  • Industrial blankets sewed to rabitz wires which are used for the insulation of process equipments at high temperatures, cylindrical tanks and store as well as the insulation of large-diameter pipes even if their fluid temperatures are not so high,
  • Air conditioner plates one face of which is coated with aluminum folio or black fiberglass and which are used for the internal heat insulation, external heat insulation and sound insulation of air conditioner channel,
  • Bare and aluminum folio coated prefabricated pipes which are manufactured from high-intensity rockwool and used for the insulation of cold or hot installation pipes used in residences and industrial facilities as well as being used the installation of sound and vibration,
  • Loose and unformed rockwool fiber applied by shoving for the installation of formless surfaces and double-walled doors which are located in areas with high temperatures where blankets and plates cannot be applied

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