networks fiberglass plaster

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Networks fiberglass plaster, underlayments monolayer, industrial floors and cement.





The glass fiber network (for insulating plaster cappotto or external, internal plastering and flooring and subflooring) constitutes a fundamental support for the builder, as it avoids any cracks, cracks and micro cracks that can be formed by thermal excursion or at the point of tension between different materials as well as window and door lintels, bond between brick walls / block and concrete, etc.. and also provide (used as support structure and plaster), greater thermal and waterproof capacity to external walls.

fiberglass mesh3

The glass fiber network, has a double function: 

1. Thermally insulates any construction, whether applied to the external and internal surfaces. 
2. Acts as reinforcement net anti anti crack and cracks (due to thermal excursions or withdrawal phenomena) and smooth cement floors and industrial floors. Besides reducing the wall thickness and electrical insulation acts electromagnetic eat. 
Treatment / sizing our networks offers a strong resistance to alkali cement and maintained over time the resistance of the glass fibers. 
The excellent quality / price ratio of our networks imported from Italy, is one more reason to try and adopt.






































Datasheet fiberglass networks

Nets woven 100% fiberglass. With anti-alkaline sizing resistant to the action of the cement.These products comply with the directives set out in the Q/NSQ01-1999 and international standard DIN EN ISO 13934-1
ArticleMesh openingThickness networkNominal weightResist.Longitudinal tensileResist.transverse tensileMaking standard (in rolls)ColorStorage
003E network5 x 5 mm0.34 mm75 g/m2 + / - 3%ca. 1300 N/5cmca. 1400 N/5cm1m x 50m 48 rolls x palletWhitebetween -10 and +50 ° C
004A Network5 x 4 mm0.47 mm152 g/m2 + / - 3%ca. 2000 N/5cmca. 1900 N/5cm1m x 50m 30 rolls x palletYellowbetween -10 and +50 ° C
006A Network10 x 10 mm0.55 mm120 g/m2 + / - 3%ca. 1700 N/5cmca. 1970 N/5cm1m x 50m 28 rolls x palletOrangebetween -10 and +50 ° C
009T network10 x 10 mm0.65 mm111 g/m2 + / - 3%ca. 1700 N/5cmca. 1950 N/5cm0,25 m x 50m 120 rolls (1,500 m2)White

between -10 and +50 ° C



Smooth surfaces new construction is possible to apply the net is submerged in a fresh mortar thickness of between 2 and 4mm (posándola from top to bottom) with the aid of a trowel or flat, laterally overlapping networks by 5/10 cm and providing sure that no air bubbles or creases. 
The procedure is similar also when used as insulation "gives cappotto" on a scratch coat. If it is necessary to finalize the termination, simply apply a thin plaster millimeter with third component waterproofing. The external mortar always necessary to include an insulating / hydrophobic termination for a perfect and lasting in time. 
The perfect balance of weight and thickness of our network guarantees good tensile strength without losing their flexibility and light weight, essential for easy application.
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