Laboratory nano horizontal bead mill/sand mill for lab use

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RTSM-0.2BJ laboratory horizontal bead mill is Root self-deseign/manufacturing new-type integrated dispersing bead mill. It has mixer and bead mill in one machine, easy for using and simple for maintenance. The smallest beads it can use is 0.2mm and the finish particle size could reach nano grade. Not RTSM-0.2BJ has been applied in the production of pigment paste, dye, color paste, pesticide SC, food, pharmaceutical material etc and welcomed by researchers, universities and institute all over the world.


· Steady Working

 RTSM-0.2BJ adopts Root self-design double-end mechanical seal, with good sealing and steady working. The coolant for          mechanical seal can be changed based on different material to avoid the potential cross pollution due to leakage. 

· No Grinding Dead-corner
RTSM-0.2BJ adopted turbine and pin grinding structure, avoiding the traditional disadvantage of uneven distribution of the grinding media and failure of rotating the beads due to low speed. The grinding media under the force of high linear speed and new grinding structure can get the most energy to form a even moving track, thus to enhance the grinding efficiency and no grinding dead-corner.

· Easy operation and small occupation
The lab grinding mill has dispersing function and grinding function all in one machine, saving the operation time for separate dispersing and grinding. Ater dispersing, directly start the grinding and the material will automatically recycle, saving experiment process and as two functions are in one machine, so occupation is maller than using two machines.


Grinding System
Grinding chamber volume: 0.2L
Outer chamber material: all body stainless steel
Advantage: Easy maintenance and less corrosion 
Inner chamber material: wear resistant hard alloy or ceramic material
Advantage: High wear resistant. Two material for selection, for different application
Grinding rotor material: Hard alloy/Zirconia
Grinding rotor structure: Turbine+Pin
Main shaft material: SS304
Bearing: Imported SKF
Grinding chamber working pressure: 2KG
Grinding chamber dismantle: 360° rotated Chamber, easy for beads adding and material discharge.

Sealing system
Mechanical sealing type: Assembled double end mechanical sealing. Longg durability , easy maintenance. 
Dynamic-Static ring material: wolfram carbide. High wear resistance. It could form a perfect water/oil film to prevent the material going into the mechanical sealing. Better sealing performance
Mechanical sealing support material: stainless steel(304).

Material transportation system
Material Feeding: ARO Pneumatic diaphragm pump
Material Discharging: Static discharge (Filter sieve)
Separate material: Stainless steel

Electrical and Control system
Motor: 1.1KW 
Motor Brand: Customized (Standard: Siemens Motor)
Power Supply: Customized (Standard: 220V 50HZ Single PH)
Operation: Push Button

Protection system
Air pressure protection, material pressure protection, water pressure protection, material temperature protection etc. All these points are set in control box, once the pressure or temperature has passed the set values, the machine will stop work to protect itself. 
When mechanical sealing cooling oil is lower than normal lever, the machine will stop automatically for self-protection

As a member of Root Group, Shanghai Root Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd focused on the research, design and manufacturing of wet grinding machinery. Owning 10 years experience in wet grinding field, Root is your best choice for laboratory sand mill, industrial sand mill, three roller mill and basket mill, auxiliary machines such as disperser and mixer.With cooperation with university, experts and experienced engineers, Root has been concentrated in technique of wet grinding machine since 2000.

Now Root wet grinding mills are applied in more than 20 countries, serving for factory production of paint, ink, dye, magnetic material, paste, agriculture chemicals, adhesion, cosmetics, ceramic etc. With own modern Nano Laboratory and manufacturing factory, Root could provide clients with the most suitable solution for complete wet grinding production mills.Great thanks for all supports and trust from new or old clients. ROOT will consistently make the quality and reputation as the premise of all our development, and make contributions to the development of wet grinding machine worldwide.

Root Nano Lab offers free experiment for customers. Now Root Nano Lab has testing equipment including:
1. Bettersize micron size particle sizer, PSS nano-size particle sizer
2. microscope
3. viscosity testing equipment
4. PH value testing equipment,
5. disperse dye diffusity testing equipment
6. and all the agents, anti-foms etc.
All these equipment will help customer to get ideal experiment result for whichever product they have. All the experiment result
can be scaled up to industrial production.Root Nano Lab has equipped with Root lab series sand mills and disperser: RT-FS1.5,
RT-0.2CD, RT-0.5AD, RT-0.5BJD, RT-1.0BJ, RT-1.0BDD, which could satisfy for experiment requirements of different material,
different feeding size, different viscosity and different finish size etc.

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